One sleep until our trip to Florida! So stoked. We just busted our butts the last 5 days- so a few days of chilling out and doing nothing is definitely in the forecast! We filmed and edited 4 videos in 5 days! It has been challenging, but so rewarding. Waking up this morning knowing that all I can stay home and clean, pack, organize and edit was such a treat!

I’ll start with packing.… The weather in Florida is about 30′ everyday that we are there- so jean shorts and tanks are a must!

I am limiting myself to runners and these 3 pair

I bought this dress about 10 days ago when my mom was here. Definitely going to sport this one down there!

Now we’ll move onto the cleaning! I have everything going… washer, dryer and dishwasher!

I ┬árecently bought this little devil and I LOVE it! Why am I just buying one now?? Why haven’t I had one for years?

My mom always used to make me “dust” every Sunday when I was little. It was annoying cause I had to take everything off the shelves and then put everything back. If I would have had this when I was 8, I would have happily dusted for mama.

Hard to reach places are a breeze! (didn’t quite reach the back of my fridge- may need to get one of the long handled ones)

It was great for places like this:swiffer duster in action

Moving on to the organizing. Going through receipts and papers. Nothing fabulous to report here. Threw away some junky papers like this, sorry Mike! (he thought we might use this coupon…but seriously…Nissan Service and Parts? When and WHY? haha)nissan coupon

I’ve saved the best for last!

The EDITING! Please watch this video! We filmed this on Saturday at the Down Set Hut Football Camp!

That was a lot of fun!

Excuse me while I finish my Special K cereal sans milk. (we pretty much ate everything perishable so onto the dried goods until the morning.)

Thanks for watching (and reading:) We’ll do this again tomorrow, same place… and I have no idea as of now what time! Depends if I get wireless in the Houston airport and how much time we have before the connecting flight! I can do it though! Have a great day!!!!

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  1. Pat on 17 May 2011

    Good job on the video. Looks like a lot of fun.

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