Did you used to say that when you were young? Christmas Eve-Eve on the 23rd? You know I did!

How are ya? I am awesome! Mom and I are in the USA! I am about to get my hair done- wish me luck.

What were some of your favourite Christmas presents when you were young?

I could barely remember anything, but my mom was helping me!


1. My Strawberry Shortcake tea set. I was obsessed with her- I had Strawberry shortcake wallpaper, sheets, comforter, dolls, books AND tea set:)

2. My Cabbage Patch Kids- (my mom had to knock some teeth out to get them!)

I think her name was Loraine and he was Rupert

3.Snoopy Snow Cone Machine!  (I really wanted an Ice Cream maker, but this was fun)

4. Oh boy, I loved my Barbie McDonalds set- what an oxymoron though- as if Barbie eats Mc D’s!

5. The Easy Bake Oven!  Guess mom was trying to teach me at a young age, man did that ever NOT work!

6. Mini Pops record! I had such a crush on the guy who sang “Eye Of The Tiger” I used to sing along like mad, except I thought the words were, “Eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the night, rising up to the challenge of our eyeballs!” haha

7. And last but not least, my mom said I got a carriage when I was 2 and I was obsessed with it. But she said I threw away the dolls because I didn’t want anything in the carriage….WIERD!

What were some of your favourite Christmas Presents??

Have a happy day! Go spread some Christmas Cheer, I’m going shopping (after my hair;)


Daily Affirmation- ‎”I give a portion of my time to helping others. It is good for my own health.” – Louise L. Hay

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  1. Marilyn on 24 Dec 2010

    I love that I had very similar favorites!! Espeically the Cabage Patch Doll, mine looked almost just like the one you have in this post. Good memories!

    Happy Holidays !


    • admin on 26 Dec 2010

      That is FUNNY! I think I wanted a different one, but it’s all that was left:) I still have mine somewhere in storage. Merry Christmas Mare! Hope you are enjoying your new adventure!!!

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