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  • Hello my fellow earthings!! Happy Monday.

    I went for a walk yesterday and was blown away at all the dino-size pelicans that were all over the boardwalk and pier.

    Oh look another one.. (looks like he’s about to swallow that guys head! These things are fierce!)

    Attack of the dino-size pelicans!

    BUT THEN! I saw a pack of dolphins in the bay! I couldn’t tell at first if they were whales, sharks or what- but I learnt that they were dolphins once we got a better look.

    Sunset from a pub near-by. We snuck in to watch the 2nd half of the Super Bowl. FUN!

    Meanwhile, back on the oceans floor, this is a design the waves were making as the rolled in. Took this one on my iphone. So neat how they look like branches, but its from the water….

    Hey look, a sealion! (oh wait, that’s just Mike!)  Sea lions are a plenty though. I can hear them yipping from my balcony!!

    Back at the homefront, I made almond milk today. 1 cup of soaked almonds (soaked in water overnight) Then blended with 3 cups of water.

    Almond Milk with the vitamix

    I usually use the sock of pantyhose (never used panty hose!) or you can use a cheese cloth or Whole foods produce bag to STRAIN out the pulp, but I didn’t have any of those options today, so I kept the pulp in…Still takes good. In Almond milk, you can add vanilla, agave, pinch of salt, etc. I didn’t use anything though- just straight almonds.


    Then it was time to bust out my new espresso machine (a generous gift from our friends Donna and Robert who just moved to Australia)

    I put poured some milk into the steamer tin, added in some raw cacao….

    Made my espresso, steamed the almond milk with cacao and poured the frothy, chocolaty almond milk into a mug with the espresso shot…


    Just call me SISTA OF THE BARISTA! mmmmmmmmmmm

    It was so good and momma mia, it got me going! Just what I needed mid-day. Excited to experiment more with the espresso machine.

    Okee dokeeeeeeeee, I’ll get rolling. If you have any fun espresso recipes, let me know.

    Love and lots of light…xoxo

  • Hello!! Happy Sunday. Here is to an amazing week ahead.

    One quote I am carrying with me while I am going through this cleanse (and wedding planning) is:

    When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. 

    This quote somehow helps:)

    Dee brought these wedding bells over at my bridal shower, I think they are great car decor!

    And folks, I have officially finished 1 week of my cleanse. 7 days in the bag!! (At least 7 more to go. I said 20 days in the beginning, but in my heart, I was always happy with getting to 14 days, so we’ll see!)

    I have lost about 4 pounds, I have more energy, I can tell I’m detoxing, and my taste buds are totally reset. I love that.

    I was at Whole Foods on Cambie the other day and decided to try one of their “Green Goodness” Smoothie.

    WholeFoods Cambie

    It was utterly amazing. I loved it.

    Green Goodness, Whole Foods Cambie

    So, I was a stalker and asked what the recipe is on their facebook page.

    Green Goodness, Cambie Wholefoods

    And low and behold, they gave it to me!

    Green Goodness from WHOLE FOODS

    1 cup Apple Juice

    1 small piece of Ginger

    1 handful of Kale

    1/2 an apple

    1 banana (frozen if possible)

    Blend until smooth and enjoy!

    I tried to make my own tonight….

    I didn’t have apple juice, so I put in water to thin it out a bit, then just to be crazy and fun like I am, I put in some frozen blueberries.

    I would show you a picture, but it’s gone….haha

    We are going to watch a movie right now..I know tomorrow is going to be insanely busy, so relax as much as possible now.

    Have an amazing week you guys!!!

  • Hey!

    Happy Friday! Definitely a festive time of year and the December weekends are that much better! Christmas parties, gatherings, decorating, baking. Today is Day 5 of my Green Smoothie cleanse. Doing a cleanse during this time of year is definitely hard! All the  Christmas cheer going around, I just want in on it. I went for coffee with my girlfriend today, I had a tea. I’m feeling good though. I know the greens are treating my system well. Everyday gets easier. You don’t have to think about what your gonna have for lunch!  SMOOTHIE!

    I was reading the Vitamix hand book and it suggests to REALLY wash your fruits and veggies. Like with a mild soap. I have never done that before. Have you? It’s a good idea though, to really get those pesticides off. Can anyone recommend a wash for veggies?

    washing veggies with soap

    Until then, they are in the rinsing basket. Today I picked Chard, Watercress, cilantro, parsley and celery.

    chard, celery, watercress, cucumber

    Added freshly squeeze orange juice and lemon juice. Threw in a banana too.

    Some organic frozen blueberries (gosh are they expensive when their not in season..)

    This one was exceptionally tasty. Sometime I just get the right combinations. Sometimes not. I actually had to dump one a couple days ago, the combo was brutal.

    chard blueberry smoothie

    Here’s a few recipes I found on, I think I’ll try the Spinach Mango one next. I have frozen cut up mango in my freezer.

    Spinach Mango Smoothie


    2 cups spinach
    2 mangos, peeled and chopped
    1 banana

    Spinach Peach Smoothie


    2 cups spinach
    2 peaches, seeds removed
    1 cup orange juice
    1/2 cup water (optional)

    Tropical Green Smoothie


    1 head romaine or green leafy lettuce
    2 cups water
    1 banana
    1/2 pineapple, skin and core removed

    Blueberry Green Smoothie


    1 head romaine lettuce
    3/4 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen
    1 apple, roughly chopped
    1/4 lemon or lime
    2 cups water

    Grape Cooler Smoothie


    Large handful of red seedless grapes, stems removed
    Basket of fresh or frozen strawberries, stems removed
    1 frozen banana, peeled
    1/2 head romaine lettuce


    Man, day 5 already. My #1 plan in the first place was 14 days, then I got anxious and said 20. I will absolutely do the 14 days, but I’ll see how I’m feeling on Day 14 an either continue, or do a combo of smoothies and some salads, nuts, etc. I have the most energy in the morning, I feel really good, then towards the end of the day like around dinnertime, my energy is not as vibrant. (could just be because I worked all day and I’m tired, lol)

    I have a bunch of scripts on their way, but for voiceovers I didn’t have too much to do today which was nice. We went for a stroll to Rocky Point.

    Rocky Point, Port Moody BC dec.2011

    Actually I was kinda walking by myself because Mike took Painter on his rollerblades. I will take a pic next time, it was so funny, but here was my view walking down the crisp path. I was bundled up like crazy!

    Check out these shots Mike took just now… wow with the birds right under the moon….nice.

    As it got darker…

    Definitely a sign the universe is a beautiful, powerful place. Looking at that with Christmas music in the background got me a bit emotional… (Imagine me at my wedding!? I am going to be a mess. Waterproof mascara to the MAX!)

    Have an absolutely wonderful weekend! xoxo

  • When is the best time to buy budgies? When they’re going cheap ! haha, I thought I’d break the ice today with a bird joke in honour of the thousands of birds I saw today when I was out and about. There were hundreds of them just hanging out and flying around together

    Who leads these packs? Is it all instinct or is there a leader?

    I know the perched on the ledge, cone head man would have LOVED to chase those birdies!

    Ha. Today we dropped the videos we made in LA off at Stormtech! They previewed them all and loved them! Woo hoo. It sure was a great trip. Just may have to go back soon….

    Today was day 3 of my Green Smoothie Cleanse. It is going well. NOT a breeze, but I am pushing through. Day 3 already? Well that’s sure good… I made a video about what I’ve been up too…Enjoy!

    Eating coffee? Tastes Magical? Mistakes left in and all. tee hee.

    While I was out and about running errands, I picked up a couple tea’s. The “cleanse” one has Nettle in it and I heard it is good for the skin. (It also says on the box-’to purify your skin”)

    When your on a cleanse, tea’s are like a treat. I have been enjoying them.

    Busy voiceover day in the morning, so I better rest up. Hope you are all doing fantastic. Tis the season!!


  • Hello!!

    Tonight was my last Feed Life, Starve Cancer class. I didn’t even get a chance to talk about last week’s class yet and here I am today in my last one.

    It has been such an amazing series and I know all my classmates would say the same. The students was a mix of cancer-survivors, people newly diagnosed with cancer, nutritionists, and people just looking for ways to be proactive and live a healthy, vibrant life (me)

    Here’s the lovely instructor Eden (cancer survivor) telling us some of her favourite books.

    Feed Life Starve Cancer

    Here ya go! (I wanna check out the Crazy Sexy Diet. It just looks fun! Here is the author, Kris Carr’s website)

    Feed Life Starve Cancer!

    Ok, now I really want the book. I just googled her name and she was on Oprah! lol

    Kris Carr

    Cool hey? I love discovering new things. Kris Carr…. my new thing.

    The nice array of veggies we will use in preparing dishes!

    Feed Life Starve Cancer!

    Mmm, I never buy pears, but I think I should start.

    Feed Life Starve Cancer organic lives

    In our lecture Eden talked about how BAD sugar is for our bodies. Processed, refined sugars are ok horrible! That is what cancer cells thrive off.

    Feed Life Starve Cancer organic lives

    I will go into to more detail, once I get some sleep…I HIGHLY recommend the Feed Life, Starve Cancer course!

    For me all the information out there can sometimes be overwhelming, since I’ve started discovering all the facts and truths about nutrition and what we should and shouldn’t do, but I think we sometimes need to pick our battles. If we picked apart every single toxin, free radical, pollutant that could potentially cause disease, we would all be living in a bush way up in a mountain…but then again, there is probably something bad floating around up there, so you’d have to find another planet! It’s good to try to monitor things that we can control (such as diet and lifestyle) but you can’t let it stress you out trying to do be perfect…not possible.

    I rely on pet therapy to get me through!!! haha…just look at this kid! He brought his blue squeekless squeeky. (It used to squeek but he wrecked it!)

    We are training him for the puppy olympics. He is fast!

    And he can jump like a kangaroo! haha… This picture cracks me up, I gotta crop it.

    LOL.Painter airborne!

    Alright, stay tuned! More action, action we want action tomorrow!!!


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