• Hello!!

    Woke up this morning with a list of to-do’s (yes, even on a Saturday) BUT, after a walk to Tim Hortons this morning Mike and I were bickering a bit about what to do.. Work, or enjoy the day…. Well, the play side of my brain fought the work side of my brain and the PLAY side won!! Woo hoo, congrats play side!!

    explorer 2000 walmart Buntzen Lake Vancouver

    So we went to Walmart, bought 2x Explorer 2000′s (fancy name for- CHEAP DINGY’S), took a quiet path to a quiet area of the lake, inflated the little buggers and jumped in!!!!

    explorer 2000 walmart Buntzen Lake Vancouver

    We tied them together.

    So we went to Walmart, bought 2x Explorer 2000's (fancy name for- CHEAP DINGY'S), took a quiet path to a quiet area of the lake, inflated the little buggers and jumped in!!!!

    Then tied ourselves to an old tree..So we went to Walmart, bought 2x Explorer 2000's (fancy name for- CHEAP DINGY'S), took a quiet path to a quiet area of the lake, inflated the little buggers and jumped in!!!!

    And drifted the afternoon away… Nap, eat, drink, sleep, talk…whatever you wanna do…

    explorer 200 walmart, buntzen lake vancouver

    The only thing about the “eat” part of the day is that I am on Day 6 my Raw Food challenge Celebration and while Mike is taunting my by saying, “Don’t you just wish Swedish Berries were raw?”

    explorer 200 walmart, buntzen lake vancouver

    I enjoyed my Raw Trail Mix…trail mix, raw food, explorer 200 walmart, buntzen lake vancouver

    I lined it up on my dingy to see how long it would sit there until- it either fell, or some crazy bird came and attacked us for it.

    explorer 200 walmart, buntzen lake vancouver, trail mix

    Ahhh, either way, it was a beautiful day… and I mean beautiful.explorer 200 walmart, buntzen lake vancouver

    When we came home, I stopped by the store and grabbed some zucchini’s, to make zucchini pasta in my spiroli!

    zucchini pasta

    It was sooo long, up to the sky!

    I picked up a whole fresh basil plant for only $2.99 to make the sauce with.

    All fresh, raw ingredients….. Tomato, garlic, basil.

    And here you have a raw meal….

    I enjoyed it with a glass of wine and now I am watching Puppy Sos online. (I’m such a geek!)

    I’m going to a Raw “cooking” class tomorrow at Indigo Cafe In Vancouver, followed by a friends BBQ…

    Hope your having an amazing weekend.. Thanks for coming here!!

  • “Be the change you want to be.”

    Simple to do? or Hard?

    I think it’s easier once you get there, but it’s extremely hard to get there… That’s why events like this retreat can really help kick-start and rejuvenate you- body, mind and spirit.

    I am always striving to better myself in all areas of my life- health, wealth, spirit, quality of life, etc. If you want to give yourself a boost in the right direction, I highly recommend doing something like I have this weekend at Ocean Resort.

    Started the morning with a zen/hatha/yin type yoga class.

    It was refreshing.

    Yoga at Ocean resort

    Then we were back in the dining hall for breakfast. Green shakes hit the spot.

    ocean resort green shake

    Another Raw meal- soaked oaks with berries and cashew/almond milk with a serving of fresh fruit.

    ocean resort hotel and spa

    After breakfast we had a little break to chill out and then back for some Gourmet Raw Cooking Classes. Here are some Raw “meat”balls about to go in the dehydrator.

    meatless meatballs

    I’m going to get the recipes for all the stuff we made and shared it here. Our teacher was the amazing chef Carol, who is also a certified Raw Chef. I am going to get certified as a raw chef somewhere, somehow.

    carol, chef, ocean resort

    Check out this Raw Meal- Fresh Cabbage from the garden, with tomatoes, orange peppers, fresh zucchini cut into angel hair strips.  and our meatless meatballs made out of cashews, basil, onion, (and I forget what else)

    Here’s the fresh cabbage from the garden.

    Onsite garden..

    I came in our hotel room to load some pictures and Painter had hacked my facebook account. Lol

    puppy typing

    This place has been fun for him because we don’t need to leash him and he can rip around the yard. Our dinner RAWsome, ofcourse (I’ll share pictures later) We also went in the steam room and infrared sauna.

    I’m just so beat it’s time for bed. I hope your having a beautiful weekend and I will check in with you tomorrow.

    Thanks sooo much for stopping by. Lots of love.

  • Hey gang!

    I just got back from a fairly short run in my neighbourhood. While I was running, I was thinking about you….YES YOU!!! I was thinking how cool it is that this blog has evolved so much in just one short year! (Can’t believe on Aug.10 it will be my 1 year blogiversary) I’ve had so many great experiences through the medium of this blog.
    If you have been thinking about starting your own blog- my advice is…JUST DO IT. A lot of people tell me they aren’t sure what to write about, or they get on a role for a few posts and then burn out. Remember- there is inspiration ALL AROUND US!

    For example, I can talk about the empty water glass on my desk right now.
    regina pats

    I could tell you that…
    1. I wish it was full because I just got back from a run and I am thirsty, but I have my puppy sleeping on my lap and I don’t want to bug him.
    2. I can also tell you that this glass was given to me by the coach of the Regina Pats! When I was a radio dj in Regina, the coach dropped of a gift basket to welcome me to Regina and this cup was in it.
    3. It actually has a weird shape to it, but I like it. It’s kind of oval and I think it was a manufacturing malfunction, but I love the way it fits on my hand!

    Here’s me in Regina when I was on location for McHappy day! All smiles sisters!

    Mchappy day

    See? Blogging is easy. Don’t let that doubting mush in your head tell you otherwise! Have no fear and just do it:) If you have any questions about blogging, feel free to email me and I will try to help you out. (I am a vet with a year under my belt and all, haha)

    Today I did a guest blog post for Rethink Breast Cancer!! Read my post here! If you are visiting me from that website- PLEASE-stay a while!! “Like” this page and I will LOVE you forever more.

    Thanks!!! xoxo

    In other news, I found out today that I am going on a lil adventure this weekend. We are going to Ocean Resort on Vancouver Island for a Spa and Raw Food weekend! FUN. Remember yesterday when I said I wanted to get more into Raw food, wether it be a class or seminar or something…. WELL I FOUND IT ALL IN ONE PLACE!!

    The weekend includes:

    • Two nights accommodation with ocean-view and balcony
    • Two dinners, two breakfasts, one lunch
    • Raw food un-cooking class with our raw food chef
    • Group yoga session in our yoga room overlooking the ocean
    • Steam bath sessions in our brand new steam room
    • Educational videos on raw food

    ocean resort and spa

    ALL that for a price of $240 per person. It is a steal of a deal, they just started offering these weekends and once it catches on, I honestly wouldn’t doubt if prices go up. If you wanna go, here are the dates coming up.
    July 22, 23, 24
    July 29, 30, 31
    September 2, 3, 4
    September 30, October 1, 2

    I will let you know how it all goes down, but for more info, there website is

    In other totally random news- did you ever own a Furbie?? Remember those things?

    I auditioned today to be the voice of a new generation of these little critters. I never really do character voices, but I thought, heck I have the audition, I might as well try.. Here’s what I came up with….

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    HAHA! Furbie kinda looks like my dog…..White and black with big ears….except Painters eyes are a lot further apart…..

    furbie vs dog

    Ok….past my bedtime!!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a furbie-licious evening!


    First he wants on my lap…

    then he wants in the sound booth…

    then he grabs his alligator and makes it squeek while I am recording…

    Then he pees in the right place, so we drop everything and congratulate him so he’ll keep doing it…

    Then he starts chewing on my shoes…

    Then we lock him out of the office and he sits outside of it and cries!!!!

    bug puppy

    Oh Painter….. Where have you been my whole life, lol…. He’s a hoot, even though he is a little trouble maker. I heart him.

    It’s been a really good day, despite our happy distraction.

    After voicing a bunch of stuff, I ran across the street to hit up a 5pm body sculpting class. It was a full class and the instructor was amazing. Best class I’ve done in a long time!

    Here’s after the class when everyone was putting stuff away. We used the big balls, weights, steps, mats. It was the full meal deal.

    Port Moody fitness classes, Port Moody REC center

    I had brought along my yoga mat to do a Hatha class afterwards, but it was looking soo nice outside I just wanted to be out there. On my way out, I noticed the gym had a Zumba class just starting!! My mom swears by Zumba and does it ALL the time in Saskatoon.

    zumba port moody REC center

    My mom is a good little dancer…I did NOT get those genes. Here me making a fool of myself at my friends wedding a few years back… I ditched my shoes and took center stage….UMMM YAAAA

    I promised my mom I would try a Zumba class sometime though, so maybe I can hit one up at my REC center.

    What else happened today….I made a killer green shake with kale, parsley, spinach, banana, etc….. you know the drill……It was this exact shake.

    Yum! Actually in my down time the past week or so, I have been exploring the world of RAW food. I actually want to take a few local courses….maybe even become a certified RAW food Chef….. CRAZY or what?  My dear friend Chris Kendall is part of a big live food movement, I was lucky enough to interview him. Personally I don’t think I’d ever be 100% Raw. I like red wine and bread too much, but I am really intrigued by the idea that when you eat “live foods”, you are eating “live enzymes”.

    For example…. Take 2 almonds… 1 that is raw, 1 that is roasted. Put them both in some good soil in the earth….The raw almond can sprout and grow into a massive almond tree. The roasted almond is dead…no enzymes or life left to it. So, think about those 2 things in your body. The raw almond will give you so much more good energy than the roasted……

    Am I right or am I right????

    On a lighter topic, I will leave you with how I sound before I warm up my voice in the morning!!!!

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Better get at those tongue twisters, tongue trills and la, la, la’s!!!!

    Have a very LIVE evening!!! The universe LOVES you!


  • Hello!

    How was your Sunday???!!! When I awoke this morning, I was surprisingly NOT sore at all from yesterday’s race. I obviously wasn’t pushing hard enough. I know I could have ran most of it, but since I haven’t really trained for trail running up a mountain, I took the whole thing very easy. I would LOVE to train for it and actually really give it next year!

    Here was me eager and DRY yesterday morning before the race.ready for seek the peak 2011

    I got to Ambleside pretty early so I could pick up my race pack and stretch and sit in the car trying to stay dry until the race started.

    Seek The Peak 2011, ReThink Breast Cancer

    Runners getting ready for the challenge!

    Seek The Peak 2011, rethink breast cancer
    I did however jump outta my truck to grab one of these ReThink sweatbands.

    Seek The Peak 2011, rethink breast cancer

    Group Stretch!

    Seek The Peak 2011, rethink breast cancer

    Need some early morning climb up a mountain fuel?

    Seek The Peak 2011, ReThink Breast Cancer

    As soon as the race started, Kelli and I were basically soaked!

    Did I finish the race? I had my head cam with me and I made a little video.. Watch to find out if I actually crossed the finish line;)

    YAY! That was fun. The viking in me came out and got me through it…haha

    I must say I have had a really fantastic weekend (despite the rather drab weather). How about that thunder last night??? My puppy Painter was NOT liking it!

    How was your weekend???? Do fill me in!! Highlights??

    Let’s get ready for a kick butt week ahead. If you need a pick me up to your week. Try listening to my “Start Your Day- Daily Meditation”