• Hey!!

    I am slowly working myself out of the post xmas slump. (I’ve just felt a little bla- cuz the party is over, time to get back to work). I LOVE my life, I love the work I do, the daily rituals, the goals and challenges- but it is a tough transition back into it again. Anyone else feel like that? Then once your in it- it’s all good again.

    I had a reality check this morning when 3 girls came over at 6am to get makeup AND hair done by me. They were bridesmaids in a wedding that had a very early start. I had an hour with each girl! That’s it! The girls don’t ever wear makeup, so that part was easy. I just evened out skin tones, added some blush, plum colours on the eyes (Haux and Blackberry from MAC). I also did the eyelash trick. Very fresh and Pretty.

    I get nervous when I have to do hair (especially asian hair- so slippery!)

    After 3 hours and a can of hairspray- 3 bridesmaids were ready to escort the bride at the chapel and my job was done.

    Now I am just cleaning up a a bit, I made some brown rice and veggies, I am printing out an e-book but I should have got it printed at Kinko’s. I think I just used $90 in ink!! Oops.

    The book I am printing out is 101 Simply Delicious Raw Recipes by Chris Kendall. We have featured him on the blog before, here is his story.

    After all the processed junk I’ve been eating over the holidays, I am hoping to scale down even more on processed foods and looking at Raw and Vegan recipes is a great place to start.

    Yesterday my mom and I went to Organic Lives for lunch, we ordered the “Pizza”, which is completely RAW. The crust is made from dehydrated vegetables. It was very yummy, came with a nice sized Ceaser salad too.

    We also got the Creamy mushroom “Pasta”

    Hmmm, I didn’t like this so much….I LOVE zucchini pasta noodles, but the mushroom sauce was not a good taste. If you like mushrooms, you might love it, but it wasn’t for me.

    The zucchini pasta noodles rock though, so much that I bought the “Spirooli” machine.

    I’ve had the zucchini pasta with marinara sauce before and I loved it. Much better than the mushroom sauce!!

    What are some of your favourite vegan/raw meals?

    Are you in a post-Christmas slump? What are you doing to get out of it?

    I’m going to start with cleaning my place a bit and maybe take a walk…see where I get with that!!!

    Talk soooooooooooooooon!


    Today I want to talk about superstar triathlete Lokelani Mcmichael…

    But first I have to tell you about my adventure home last night! I woke up at 4:30am to drive to Saskatoon from Wainwright. Then I hung out with my mom for a bit since my flight back to Vancouver didn’t leave until 9:45pm. I had anxiety about my flight leaving so late because I still had a voice job to do last night. I fly out of Saskatoon and have to switch planes in Calgary. Then the flight from Calgary to Vancouver was delayed! For almost 2 hours.

    BRUTAL. I needed to get home….. So finally grumpy me gets on the plane and we make it to Van. I had planned on taking Transit home, but by the time I get to Vancouver, I knew I’d be spending $40 on a cab since it was to late for transit.

    So the peeps on my flight are standing at the baggage carousel..and guess what? The luggage conveyor breaks down and we all have to wait another hour!! People were getting very upset! I was trying to think, what is the reason for this?I need to stay positive. I will get my job done and my voice will sound great…. So we waited and waited…

    (stock photo- I was to tired to pull out my camera;)

    Some people around me, could see their bags, so after patiently waiting, they said “screw it” and climbed up the ramp to grab their bags! I thought that was sooo awesome, if i could have seen my bag, I would have done it too. Security came and got mad, but at this point, I think WE were all more mad!

    To end this story on a positive note, we finally got our luggage and while waiting, I met a sweet girl named Leah, who lives downtown too, so we said, let’s just split a cab home!  (we also plan on running together, we had tons in common)

    THEN, a friendly, good looking couple who were standing by us, offered us a ride home since they lived in West Van and would be going through downtown anyway. HOW NICE IS THAT? Talk about Christmas cheer! Thank you Tracey and Don. You saved the day!

    I got home and voiced my job. I hope the client is happy. Still waiting to hear. By the time I went to bed- I had been up exactly 24 hours! I was sooo tired. I slept in until 10:00am, now I am up, rocking the coffee Diana gave me from Canterbury. I am done with Tim’s for a while. (I had been drinking double double’s at home-Back to black…..)canterbury coffee vancouver

    (Thanks Diana) xoxo

    Ok, so after a week of Tim’s Double doubles, muffins, nachos, fries, beer and chocolate and NOT working out. The one thing strong in my mind is “What challenge lies ahead?” “What am I gonna do now?”

    I already know the New Year is going to be amazing and very active, but I couldn’t help but get things in motion now. SO…

    I signed up for triathlon training at The right shoe!!! I need a partner though! Training starts Jan.4, If you wanna sign up go here!

    I have already done an Olympic Distance Triathlon. Here is the recap. You don’t need a fancy bike or crazy gear.

    You just need

    -a bathing suit


    -swim cap



    - running shoes


    Lokelani Mcmichael is a poster child for fierceness. She is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest woman to ever qualify and finish an Ironman! (she was only 18 when she did it!) 

    She lives and trains in Hawaii and has done many triathlons and Ironman’s since

    Oh ya, and she just happens to be drop dead gorgeous.

    If she isn’t motivation to Bike

    Run…And SwimI’m not sure what is!

    She just seems like such a cool chick! Here is a video of her talking about her island and training.

    (don’t mind the second half of the video…some boring football player! lol)

    If triathlons are not for you, what are you gonna do next year? Do you wanna just do classes at the gym, dance lessons, run a 5km, yoga…what are you gonna do? I’d LOVE to hear about it!

    K, since it’s my first day home in over a week and I slept in since I was awake for 24 hours, I have to get to work!
    I hope you had a great weekend1

    Affirmation of the day- “What would Lokelani Mcmichael do?” haha

  • Hello!

    Thanks for stopping by today;)

    A few words roaming through my head this morning:

    Respect….. Honour ….. Love…

    I made a goal, and I completed it. I did it. I am extremely proud of myself for committing to excellence and following through. For 30 days in a row, no matter what I had on my plate, (a day trip to the states, a massive project due with my client calling off the hook, or a big party night) I spent at least one hour a day on my mat at Semperviva Yoga. (sometimes I even went twice a day!)

    Here’s my post from 30 days ago when I started.

    I was told, if you do this challenge you will achieve:

    increased strength
    improved flexibility
    possible weight loss
    definite stress reduction
    improved focus
    increased will power and stamina
    a better body image
    improved sleep patterns
    improved eating habits

    I am here to say that each of these deserves a HUGE CHECK MARK! YES, yoga does this for you. I am proof. I also feel like I have been attracting more positive things into my life and I am so stoked about the habits that are being formed.

    Now, I only did 30 days in a row (I started 10 days late) but there was a big handful of yogi’s that did 40 DAYS!

    We had a wrap up party last night, finishing off the challenge with a class of all styles of yoga. Everyone was glowing. Here are some of the 40 day challengers!

    There were male challengers too, I just didn’t get a chance to snap any;) Congrats to all the 40 day finishers!

    Semperviva has 5 studios in Kitsilano with all the fixings you could need:

    Mats, Bolsters, Blocks, Pillows, straps, water…

    They always have candles going in the room and great music.

    And a couple of the studios have yummy hot tea

    What would Semperviva be without it’s outstanding teachers?
    I love your style Carolyn.

    Reno was another one of my favourites. He is a rockstar in the yoga community. He told us: “There is enough mediocre people in the world, don’t be one of them”, Love it. (Remember the post I did on how Reno reminded me of a younger version of my uncle?)

    This yogi is soo fun to be taught by. She reminded me of myself a lil bit;) I definitely cannot do that though:

    Here is the beautiful and talented Gloria Latham, the woman who founded Semperviva. Her Kundalini class is like none other. If you need to let go of stress and things you may be holding onto, this class will release it. I felt myself getting teary in one of her classes because I was so connected and I felt myself  letting go of  judgement, fears, the past and any negativity in my head. ahhhh…..Sat Nam.

    Semperviva offers teacher training and yoga retreats in Greece.  I think I better go to one of these retreats at some point! I have family in Greece and have been meaning to go visit for YEARS!

    Yoga is so universal, my cousin Margarita (who ironically lives in Greece) just got back into doing yoga recently. She’s lost over 40 pounds with a good diet, exercise and yoga. (she said I inspired her, which made my day!)

    Love you Marg!

    If you are wondering what to get that special someone for Christmas, give them the gift of Yoga. Click here to buy a Semperviva gift card……. Santa… are you reading this?? lol <3

    When I started the challenge, I would hide at the back of the room and hope no one saw me, by the end, I was front row center baby! Put yourself on one of these mats! You will be glad you did.

    So where do we go now? FORWARD! Like Gloria said last night, “This is not the end, this is only the beginning.”

    Thank you guys for your support over the last 30 days. I truly hope I have inspired you in some way.

    Now, I’m off to buy my canvas for our painting party tonight! It is going to be a hoot. I will have a sideways chapeau, paint, brushes, a handful of my best girl friends and crazy creative energy ready to unleash! lol

    Have a wonderful day!


  • Hello!!

    How are you??

    I feel on fire today. I just went for an awesome 10km run with my friend Jaclyn. She is training for a Half Marathon and she was kind enough to let me tag along. She has all the gadgets, pacers, the milage trackers and the training schedule, I love when people are organized like that! I kept asking her how long we had left and if I was slowing her down too much!

    We had to stop for a minute because there was some kind of Santa Jingle Bell run going on and we couldn’t get through.

    So many Santa’s, Christmas Tree’s and reindeer to get through!

    Finally made it through the masses

    But besides that one stop, we ran for 60 minutes straight!

    Well isn’t that ambitious???

    To take it a step further, we went to bootcamp last night too!

    It was a bootcamp through a deal we got on Groupon, So we got 20 bootcamp classes for $20. We waited until the “indoor” bootcamps started so we could be nice and warm inside. We drove to UBC and found out that we were working out- pretty much OUTSIDE! Ok, it had a roof, but it was cold and it felt like we were in a prison!

    I was super annoyed at first, but once we starting jumping and squatting and lunging. I warmed up and I actually really liked it!

    Now, the instructor was a bit crazy (…in a good way;). She kept getting us to go deeper, jumper higher, punch harder…

    We did this exercise where we would squat and punch the air, she was soo determined to get us to punch the air harder, she kept trying to motivate us. Then she told us that sometimes at home, she throws a pillow in the air and punches it mid-air so she feels like a ninja….SAY WHAT? You throw a pillow in the air and punch it? Even openminded me thought that was strange!!!! But then I thought, “WELL, DON’T KNOCK IT TILL YOU TRY IT!”

    oooohhhhhh kaaaayyyy!!! that was fun! haha. KUNG FU PILLOW FIGHTER! Whateverrrrr! lol

    Well, right now I am just tidying up, I have a makeup client coming over soon, then off to DAY 26 of my 30 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE at Semperviva! ahhh how I love that place…it’s like my second home now!

    How is your weekend going? Tomorrow is my cookie making marathon at Andrea’s! I am going to attempt a vegan cookie. YIKES!  Anyone have any vegan cookie recipes?

    What is your most absolute favourite Christmas treat?

    I love anything my mom makes! (but mom, if you read this-DON’T make stuff just cuz I said that!!) Actually though, I hate those marshmallow square thingy’s! YUCK!


    Enjoy this beautiful day!

    Here is a sweet text I got from my true love yesterday that made me smile:

    “Our journey may have ups and downs but we’re moving forward always.”

  • Hi!

    It’s that time of year, where everyone is filled with holiday cheer, but it’s also the time of year where people gain the most weight!  I want to get through this season feeling good. To be honest, the past 4 days I haven’t been doing so hot. I have gone to yoga, which is great, but I have also been drinking and not eating well, bla. The great thing is, we have the power to change our lives with the snap of a finger.

    BAM, just like that, I have decided to make choices that support my desire to be as healthy and vibrant as possible! I’m hitting up day 21 of my 30 Day Yoga Challenge at Semperviva! The great thing about doing yoga everyday for 21 days, is that even if you eat bad- yoga makes you feel better immediately. Maybe it’s the cleansing breaths, the wise words of the teachers, or getting re-centered with yourself. I don’t know, but I am feelin better than I normally would after a weekend of beer drinking!

    Here’s me in a mean trianlge pose
    In 21 days I have done Hatha, Yin, Kundalini and Vinyasa Power Yoga, with all kinds of different amazing teachers. Looks like I could use a spray tan though!

    Next up is Marianne! We have been tracking her goal achieving progress one month at a time! If you are just checking it, Here you will see our First chat and our Second chat. She has lost a huge amount of weight, but had obviously gained in so many other ways…

    And now for our 3rd chat!!!

    Where are you at in terms of your ultimate goals?

    Since I started this challenge, I’ve lost very close to another ten pounds!!  That means I’m 20lbs away from my ultimate goal of 150lbs but puts me in the home stretch!  I am so close to that finish line I can almost taste it!  It’s been at least five years since I’ve been at this weight and I feel FANTASTIC!

    Are you where you thought you would be?

    I did expect bigger losses at the scale.  The unexpected payoffs have been the most rewarding for me though – I’ve dropped a pants size, I can run 10K, I feel strong and confident and all of those successes are just as huge a measure of how far I’ve come!

    Looking back when you were your heaviest, what would you tell yourself now?

    I would tell myself that yes, it’s going to be a lot of work but it will be completely and totally worth it, and I AM completely and totally worth it.  I would tell myself NOT to put it off until a Monday, until a stressful time passes, that it’s a commitment to a healthy way of life at the start of every day.  That it’s time to stop feeling sorry for myself, forgive myself and love myself enough to choose to make my health a priority.

    Do you think this next month being the holiday season, it will be extra hard?

    Holiday cheer could become a convenient excuse for me to slack off – so many parties with goodies and tastey beverages.  But I am determined to make this my best month yet!  I’ve come a long way in these last few months and I don’t want to undo all my hard work with overindulgence.  I won’t deprive myself of ALL holiday treats, but I will exercise moderation and keep my eyes my goals.  I am going to encourage my family and friends to get active with me and hopefully remind them (and myself) that we don’t have to celebrate the season only with food.  Let’s make the holidays about really just spending quality time together!

    Have your goals adjusted at all?

    I feel it may be unrealistic to announce that I will lose my last 20lbs in this coming month, but I’m going to see how close I can get in a healthy, non-extreme way.  I’m going to continue working with my trainer, keep pushing myself with running and in my group fitness classes, and be especially mindful of my nutrition as we head into the holidays.

    I know that this is going to be an ongoing journey for me that doesn’t end on December 29th –this is a commitment I’m making to me and my health that I’m going to continue to renew all year!  I know that I will reach my weight goal soon, and that I will set more goals in the New Year that will continue to challenge my fitness (half marathon?!).  Every step I take is all part of this process in the journey towards ultimate health!

    Ready for the picture of this warrior???

    Holy Crap! She looks beautiful! She said those were a pair of pants she had in her closet for 4 years and until a week ago, she could never do them up.

    Congrats Marianne. You look amazing and definitely inspire me! Thank you for so openly sharing your journey with us. We will check in with you on Dec.29 (your 29th birthday:) and see how you are doing. I can tell that this is now a lifestyle for you, no longer just a quest for a certain number on a scale. The important thing is you are healthy, you are glowing, you look fantastic and you must feel incredible.

    I am ready to make Dec. a great month too. What are your goals for the last month of 2010?

    Daily affirmation- No person, place or thing has any power over me, I am free! – Louise Hay

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