• Hey!

    Just got back from Grouse Mountain. We were filming/hiking for a Stormtech video that we’re making.

    I normally don’t hike Grouse in my hikers, (It’s light terrain- just steep;) but I felt like a little extra support today. Oh how I love my hikers. They have gotten me through much, including trenching through the rising waters on the West Coast Trail.

    Mike this morning getting his camera gear ready

    Uh oh, the shoot calls for black pants, which Mike doesn’t have…. Quick stop at Walmart for inexpensive black pants!

    walmart pants $10

    Conditions on Grouse were decent. Couldn’t even see the top!grouse grind, february

    Getting the shots we need….

    I’m feeling A LOT better than yesterday. I have ridiculously sensitive skin and I got a skin allergy yesterday that lead me stright to the doctors office…. BOOOO… Not a good day. I missed my triathlon training… Another BOOOO… I know- it was my skin that was messed, I physically probably could have run, but my head and my heart were not in working order… So I stayed home and went to bed super early.

    Oh well… like my coach says- don’t beat yourself up for missing a workout… So I hiked today, tomorrow I am swimming and biking. I also decided to run a HALF MARATHON ON SUNDAY!! WHAT??? YUUUP.  I’m feeling strong and I am just going to do it to finish it, I don’t mind if I even walk part of it. This is not for competing, just for a Sunday Funday!

    OMG another exciting moment in my day- I think my dishwasher fixed itself. OHH YAAA! It was being a jerk- but I think we’re all good now… SMILES AND HIGH FIVES FOR EVERYONE!

    K, I better get going…. still have projects to voice, even though I am BEAT. Maybe I’ll voice tomorrow… maybe sleep now… hmmm….

    Regardless…. thanks so much for stopping by. I truly hope you had a GREAT day! Anything good happen to you today?


  • Howdie Folks!

    What is shake, rattle and rolling? How awkward hey? Can you imagine if I just came up to you and said that? You would probably think I’m a wierd-o.. This is how I would sound:

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    A..hem Ummm ya….

    The Vegan Challenge has been going off without a hitch. Here is a surprisingly accurate recap on my vegan meals yesterday. (Like the title says- my attempt at food blogging, lol)

    Yesterday we bought some stuff at Choices. I cropped Mike‘s stuff out of the picture;) I got Ezekiel Bread, beans, frozen spinach and peas, Amy’s Soup.

    choices shopping cart

    While we were shopping, I couldn’t help but notice this cereal. Has anyone out there ever tried it?

    holy crap cereal

    Is it called Holy Crap cuz it’s good, OR cuz “HOLY CRAP THAT’S EXPENSIVE CEREAL?!”

    On the way home we stopped at our local produce palace. (it’s good quality and inexpensive). Do you get your produce somewhere different than where you buy other stuff?

    SO here is EVERYTHING I ate yesterday (so not fancy..let me warn ya)

    The Apple and Homemade Almond Butter

    For a snack it was a handful of walnuts and dried cranberries

    And for lunch it was a salad. I remembered to take a picture half way through eating it! Oops.

    yum yum salad

    Then we ran some errands and I got a Soy Latte. For dinner I had a toasted piece of Ezekiel bread with Tofurkey slices and a pint of mustard!  I had 2 of these!

    ezekiel bread and tofurkey

    And for a night time snack, I should have had veggies or fruit, but I opted for the sesame sticks that Mike bought for himself, but I am eating them!

    If I were a food blogger, I would do little scenes like this….

    and I would send you messages through the food I eat

    food art

    hi <3

    All in all, the Vegan challenge has been really easy. It is a matter of no cream in my coffee. The scenarios where it usually gets more difficult is on weekends, when you go out for dinner or are out with friends. Butter and cheese seems to creep its way into everything, but I’ve done it before, so I know I can carry on with this confidently:)

    I have a lot of respect for food bloggers. Although I post recipes and take pics of my food now and then. To do it all day, everyday would be challenging. But if that was your career, you just do it… I WOULD DEFINITELY NEED A BIGGER KITCHEN… Excuses, excuses hey? POOR ME….lol

    In triathlon training news, I took yesterday completely off. I was supposed to go to a workout class taught by my friend Hannah, but I cancelled. I needed a day of no exercise.  Tonight my club is running, we are working on Tempo runs. I am supposed to swim today, but it looks like I will take that off as well. It may sound lame, but I’m not taking swimming off because I am tired, I am taking it off because my skin is having a minor allergic reaction to something today and I know the chlorine is going to make it flare up more. Too bad they didn’t make face bellaclava’s for swimmers. I would soo buy one. I am becoming more and more obsessed with swimming, I love it… BUT I HATE the chlorine… ick…

    Well, time to go…working on some neat-o mosquito things this week! Hope your having a great day!




    QHOTE OF THE DAY: “When running up a hill,
    it is all right to give up as many times as you wish-
    as long as your feet keep moving.
    “- Shoma Morita


  • Happy Monday!

    What is going down? Did you watch the Superbowl? We went over to a friends place. It was a typical scenario. The guys sat in front of the TV and us ladies sat around the kitchen table and talked. We were sure to watch the half time show and we cheered during touchdowns, but other than that the food and conversation were our winners! It was lots of fun! Perfect way to end an insanely busy week.. ohhhh and lookie here… another insanely busy week!! HAHA… what to do, except enjoy the ride!

    WHY- I would be the WORST food blogger ever…
    Food bloggers take pictures of EVERYTHING they eat… (well almost everything) I am doing a Vegan Challenge this week and I thought, hey maybe I could try being a food blogger for a week. Monday morning FAIL!

    1. I eat my food too fast to take a picture of it
    2. My food does not look pretty! (for lunch I had a can of chickpeas with salsa dumped on top)

    Here is a picture of my breakfast. An Apple with homemade Almond Butter… (see…I took a bite out of the apple on the top left before I could get to my camera)

    Like I’ve said before, I’m pretty much “vegan” already with the exception of occasional dairy (butter on popcorn, I love tzatziki, cream in coffee, etc). So this week, NO dairy at all. I have been full on vegan in the past. It’s really not THAT hard. There are sooo many vegan options. Remember the cookies I made at xmas? Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies are ridiculously yummy!

    There are so many varying degrees of “vegan”. Some people think sugar is non-vegan because of the way it’s processed, there are so many technical aspects that one could consider. I think the key is to do what works for you and don’t judge others.

    TO ME- vegan is no meat, no dairy and no animal bi products (geletin, etc).

    I try to follow this chart:

    So according to this chart, my next meal better be a salad considering I have not had any greens yet. This shake is also AMAZING  and yummy and is made of all ingredients on the bottom shelf;)

    So ya, stay tuned this week. Maybe I’ll make something super cool and innovating… and maybe I won’t…lol

    I’ve been working on this big job I got. Here is a video of me looking up hard works I don’t know how to pronounce and using the teleprompter.

    We found this cool site where you can copy and paste your text into the teleprompter and use it for FREE. NEAT!

    What else, what else…. OH, I am doing a workout class tonight with an amazing personal trainer. I will let you know how it goes. Other than that, working away, going to get my BERT brows threaded this afternoon and maybe get some more groceries…

    Hope your having a great Monday! You are a genius and you apply your wisdom to everything you do! WAY TO GO!

  • Happy Friday!!!
    Usually weekends don’t feel like weekends to me because I usually work them- but it actually kinda feels like a weekend! This is going to be goood!!

    Today Mike and I had a meeting at Stormtech Performance Apparel. I have done a fair amount of work for them in the past and I am eagerly excited to say- we may continue to do some more work! I have been in their catalogue, voiced their phone system and even did some hosting for them.

    Mike and I have been given the challenge to “test drive” the new Stormtech XBR-1. We are going to go hiking, running and exploring while wearing them in windy and rainy climates and document our thoughts. As soon as we got them home we ripped open the jackets out of the plastic bags- fresh with creases and all. I got the XBR-1 in electric blue:

    Mike got the jacket in Black (I have the Black one too;)

    We picked up our jackets at Stormtech Showroom in Burnaby, BC

    stormtech showroom, burnaby

    Pretty waterfall behind the Reception Area

    Here’s a shot of some of the Stormtech Athletes on the wall. What if I got good enough at triathlons, to be a sponsored athlete? That would be a dream. I have always been obsessed with very athletic people. Maybe because I was always “good” at sports, but never “AMAZING”, I always admired those who had that natural ability. (Like my team mate all through high school- Chelsea Grimson, or my sister in law Nicole, etc)

    stormtech athletes

    Here I am waiting in the reception area. I started reading a National Geographic, but there was some gory pictures of a goat getting worked on by a doctor… Props to you smart people who read NG, but I threw it down and cringed a bit.

    With my new 18 month contract in voiceover work, I will most likely learn a thing or 2! I am voicing/”teaching” 2 subjects! My first module is on plants, and flower and the angiosperm life cycle of plants.

    NEAT-O mosquito!!!

    Well I best be running…. well not running right now…I’m driving to another meeting. 4:45pm is when it starts. Smack dab downtown during rush hour on a Friday. This should be fun….

    Have an AWESOME weekend. I can’t wait until we meet again (how does tomorrow sound??)





  • Hello!!!  How are you? :)

    I am clapping my hands! This week I have been swimming, biking and running, into week 5 of my Triathlon Training. First, I must say- all apologies for getting this post up so late today… I have been up since 4:45am and literally 13 hours later, I have time to sit down and write my blog.

    I am working on time management. What can I really fit in? I think I do a pretty decent job at it, but with voiceovers- I never know how many auditions or jobs I am going to get in a day- and today…was NUTS. Out of all the projects on the go- the most interesting was a proposal from a company in India. I am going to be voicing for a children’s education program in India! My clients notes were- speak SLOW and CLEAR. They are young kids and don’t speak great english. It’s fun project and the awesome thing is- this is an 18 month project!!! I love recurring work:)

    As far as time management goes with my workout schedule, I know exactly when and where I’m training, it doesn’t mean I always FEEL like it though;) But I’m telling ya, once I am there (and sometimes, just when its’ over) I feel awesome, strong, and proud…

    This morning we swam 1400m. At the end of our session, everyone was done and getting out of the pool, but I knew if I just did 50m more, I would have completed the WHOLE workout that my coach had for us. Bam… DONE.

    I had a bike and strength training workout yesterday.. Me and the whole “weight-lifting thing” are not great friends, but I did a circuit. Bike was fine…

    biking, tri training

    I know- me and the pilsner hat…. I have to get a new hat! yo yo yo

    This is my “I’m a lean, mean, fighting machine” face…

    I also had a good run this week and I made a video to explain a couple tips. Disclaimer- this is what works for me, my coach tells me things and I relay them to you- However-It’s like the game telephone- by the time the information works it’s way through my brain and out my mouth- I know I don’t say things as good as she does. (We need to get her a youtube channel, lol- my coach ROCKS!)

    And there ya have it!! Hope all is well in your world! Are you signing up for any races this season?? Remember- even if you don’t run- you can always “walk” races. It’s a great way to start. Races are fun and exciting.

    Talk TOMORROW…

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