• Happy Sunday!

    Watz UP?? Have you heard about the snow in Vancity? It’s nuts… Here is a blurb put on facebook yesterday:

    Now here’s where the tough prairie girl I claim to be becomes a urban city diva- I MISSED MY RUN THIS AM (with my tri group). I looked outside at 7am and decided I would run indoors on the treadmill. I pictured myself slipping all around, trying to get a grip on the road. PLUS- my throat felt a teeny bit sore- and lately my voice work has been our only source of working income- so I need to keep it functioning smoothly!

    So… Mike and I slept in a bit later and went to Tim’s for a coffee. We did our weekly Sunday ” buy coffee for others” good deed. If you haven’t seen the video of what we do- watch it here.

    Then to still get in a run, we went down to the gym and I hit the treadmill. Here’s a great tip from my coach- IF you need to run on a treadmill, put the incline at 2. I ran for 45 min (not the 1hr 30 min run I would have done)- but I still felt good about my efforts.

    Mike was taking forever on the eliptical, while I was waiting I decided to to some backwards walking on the mill, that turned into backwards jogging. Do you ever jog backwards? I heard it’s good to do for very short amounts of time to work other muscles- HOWEVER, I would NEVER RUN a race backwards…

    Can you believe people do this??? I am as open minded as they come- but I’m not sure I could get into this… HAHA, SO IN THIS CASE, DO THEY SAY….GO….GET SET…..ON YOUR MARKS!!!!

    Who’s the dude in the white tank?? He’s so hot- he doesn’t need a race bib! On the plus side, they say One lap of backward running is said to be equivalent to running six laps forwards

    This video is for you!

    OH MY….
    In other news… I have been Hannah the Happy Homemaker today! I have made Hummus, Homemade Lara Bars, and Homemade Almond Butter, which turned out WAY better than my last batch. The key was less molasses and a touch of oil. It turned out GREAT.Homemade almond butter, the best recipe, with apples

    Can you believe all the stuff I’m making? Guess what else is on the list tonight? Andrea’s Famous Soup!

    I got my ingredientsroot soup, the best homemade soup,

    2 things I forgot- Cauliflower and peas… oh well.. Also, I would try adding in chickpeas like Andrea does, but I used both cans for the hummus I made…

    I got this pot at Ikea the other day..

    I’m ready to rock! Enjoy the rest of your day! Lots of love and light from me to uuuuuuuuu!!

  • Hey!!

    You know your late on your blog post when your mom calls and says, “Why didn’t you blog today?” OOPS! I post EVERYDAY, (maybe missed 2-3 since I became a blogger) but there are times…when it just takes me a while to get it done due to my workload….

    Here’s a true example of how my voice clients are…

    I email my client: “So…when do you need this done by?”

    My client emails back: “As far as turn around, it’s always “as soon as you can”.  Our content writers create the lessons and send them for proofreading.  By the time they come back our video production department is ready and waiting for the audio.”

    I rest my case, day to day I never know what I will wake up to and I have a reputation in the voice world to upkeep:)

    I did however get outside for a run around the seawall!!! Wanna come for a run with me??? For training today I was supposed to run for 30 min and do weight training….I didn’t do much for weight training:( BUT I did run 10 km!

    Let’ Run this together!!

    Here is a map of the Seawall, and throughout it, you will see the corresponding spot as step by step, I ran around this park. (I wear the pink bandana to keep my earplugs in.. I think I have weird shaped ears, cuz they always fall out…)

    1 and 2. The Marina, at Mile 1 and then the Light House where Arnold Schwarznegger passed the torch during the Olympics…stanley park seawall

    Good Job Terminator/Governor 

    3. I wish they had cool things like this when I was a kid… A KIDS DRYER at a WATERPARK?? HELLO FUN:)kids park, seawall, run, stanley park

    4. Here is a cool path that I sometimes take for an alternate route home… In the wilderness..It’s very pretty..lots of paths

    5. And of course- The Lions Gate Bridge (about half way!)… Known for backing up traffic… But still a Van Landmarkstanley park seawall
    6. Siwash Rock…7. 3rd Beach….unflattering shadow… stanley park seawall

    This shot of me as a brunette was taken here at this beach this past summer!

    stanley park seawall

    8. 2nd beach! This is where the Vancouver Triathlon starts! The birds TAKE OVER the pool in the winter time!!

    stanley park seawall

    9. YAY! I can see my home (on the very right), we are almost done!

    stanley park seawall

    We did it!!! We went around this BIG BUGGER!stanley park seawall

    Good run, good run!! The nice thing about being in shape, is that you can stop and start a bunch of time during a run and not completely give up and stop running (which I used to do). Even if I hit a stop light, I would be like…aghh, I dont want to run anymore… BUT NOW! I stop as much as I want and easily start going again!

    I even had energy for a sword fight, by myself… with the ice crystals…stanley park seawall, ice

    I’m such a ninja, my brothers would be proud….

    As far as the rest of my week with Triathlon Training…I feel like it has been a success. It has taken me a bit (from my holiday) to plunge back into the whole…train hard mentality..but I am BACK!

    I had an awesome swim with the club..Here is the board that my coach writes our workouts on…

    Except, by the time she writes down all our work outs… it looks more like this…

    haha..k it’s not that bad.. lol!

    Our group bike was awesome too.. I bike again in the am… (just stationary)

    I also CANNOT wait to make this soup…Hopefully tomorrow..

    Thanks for running with me! Can’t wait until we talk again!!!!

    Love and Love!!! xoxo Have a happy weekend…

  • Good afternoon party people!  How ya doing? What happy thoughts are you thinking today? I’m getting back into the groove after being away for a week.

    NOTE: the sentence above was written hours ago.. I got side tracked… but I’m BACK!

    All day I have been doing this:

    Voice, edit, send, REPEAT! It’s been a great day though. I like working for people from all over the world. It’s pretty neat how technology works these days. I get shocked if I get a local job, (like today I got one for a company in Victoria and I thought- WOW! We’re neighbours!)

    I did get out of my cave (sound booth) for bit this afternoon. I took one look out my window and I was itching to get outside.

    Enough time to go to the bank and get some groceries. Here is Robson Street this afternoon. Good thing I got a picture of that mini van turning left! Imagine if I missed that shot??

    Mike and I stayed at that tall hotel when we first moved here… Seems like sooo long ago!

    As soon as we got home from the bank/groceries, I was starving- Time to make a salad using the crazy new kitchen knife my brother bought me. It’s an awesome knife…but I think Mike should start using a cutting board. 

    We also got this great new book from my other brother and sister in law:

    I took a picture of it by my bed to make it look like I read before bed…hmm…This is something I used to do…When I wasn’t busy 24 hours a day! I really want to make time for reading before bed again…I guess the only person I need to convince is myself….. ok here goes…
    “hey Amanda..”
    “You should really start finding more time to relax and maybe even read before bed-you used to do it and you liked it.”
    “UMM OKAY!!!!”
    YESSS, I win;)

    When I was given the book, (oops, I forgot- the book was a gift for Mike not me- oh well.. close enough). When we got the book, We started talking about nutrition (my sister in law is a nutritionist) and we discussed how after a workout- it is important to consume “recovery foods”. Then I remembered a great tip from my coach. She said drink some chocolate milk (or soy chocolate milk) after a hard workout.

    It is a GREAT recovery drink. It has a perfect 3-1 carb to protein ratio. Which is something you should try to consume after workouts to enhance fast recovery.

    I had some Soy Chocolate milk now since I just got home from hill training with my triathlon club. It tastes kinda chalky and it goes down fast! But it was good and something I will continue to drink after training.. (I just noticed I took the picture on the french side..oops)

    I CRUSH YOU!chocolate soy milk, recovery drink
    I also had a handful of dried cranberries and almonds. Now I’m just trying to drink water and rehydrate.

    Here’s how our hill run went down:running hills, triathlon training

    We started with a 15 minute warm up. Once we got to the bottom of our chosen hill, (which was long and drawn out, not too steep, but definitely a STEADY climb.)

    1.We Ran up 3 blocks, back down slow for recovery

    2. Then we ran up 2 blocks (increasing intensity though on way up), jog back down slow for recovery-

    3. Then Ran up 1 block pretty much as hard as we could and slowly jog down

    We did this set twice, followed by a 15 minute cool down. This is something you could totally do on your own if your training for a race. Of course it’s easier if you have a group- but try to challenge yourself and do hills on your own! THEY FEEL GOOOOOD (when your done… haha)

    I’m going to do some more stretching and tidy up a bit (my dishwasher broke again…grrr…doing dishes by hand) Then it’s bed!

    What is your GO-TO recovery food/drink???


    Daily affirmation “”I am healthy, happy, and whole.” – Louise L. Hay

  • Hello!!!

    I ran a Half Marathon this morning! Woo hoo. Mike and I woke up around 6am and went to Tims for coffee, then we got ready for the race and did some stretching in the apartment. We realized we didn’t have headphones for our ipods, so on the way to the Start Line, we stopped at Shoppers to buy headphones. I got the $5.99 pair and Mike had to get the $24.99 pair! What a guy….

    buying headphones
    At the Start Line, racers were doing little exercises, I love how the elite athletes have their own special clothing “drop off”, so they stay warm right before they start and shed the final layer right before the gun goes off… We were not so lucky! I didnt have to layer down today, but normally I just bring an old sweater and throw it away, (they usually donate tossed clothing to charity)

    We also did some filming for a cool video we’re making! Thanks to our friend Dominico for tending the camera…

    Then… We were off! It was a great race. Vancouver is so beautiful, the scenery is amazing, I surprisingly saw lots of people along the way that I knew- I ran past my friend Dee’s apartment and she happened to be on the balcony and got a shot of me!

    She said she just happened to step out at that time, and I just knew I was going to see her. It made me smile!!!

    I was sooo thankful for my ipod. It really got me through the 22km. Each song played it’s part… I put hearts beside the songs that for whatever reason was exactly what I needed to hear at that given time… It was right around the 10 mile mark that my body was freakin tired and I wanted to stop, then Hard Sun by Eddie Vedder came on and something happened in my heart. I was right beside the ocean, I felt such a sense of peace and strength over me and I knew I could finish this race….

    half marathon playlist

    It was a really empowering feeling, I started to move my feet a bit faster…. The last song I heard before finishing was Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas.

    I also kept thinking of tips that Coach Lara has told us during running workouts:


    -look ahead at where you want to go

    -run tall

    -relax your shoulders, neck and jaw

    -keep your arms strong, but your hands relaxed

    -quick feet

    -keep your form and follow through with your strides..

    (Thank you Lara!!!)

    So, like my title says, my wings got me through the first 10 miles and my heart got me through the last 3 miles.

    It’s also funny how the most random things can motivate you. There was this girl running in front of me for a while and she had her ipod in and she was playing “air piano” to whatever song she was listening too. I’m all about air guitars, air drums (Mike does this CONSTANTLY), but for some reason her “air piano” was annoying me, so I mustered up some fierce energy to leave her in my dust, lol!!!

    At the last mile- I caught up to Mike!! We finished within seconds apart. My time was NOT my best time by any means… I crossed in 2hrs, 3 min…but it was my first half marathon in years… and I haven’t been marathon training, just triathlon training…so I was fine with my time… Watch out next race!! haha

    first half marathon finish line

    Yay! The finish line!!

    After catching our breath, we went into the community centre and got some soup and bagels while they awarded the winners.

    first half, roundhouse community center

    ahhh, rest

    I should probably start stretching eh??

    We jumped in the hot tub as soon as we got home. I am pretty darn tired at this point, but I am so happy with how today went. It was just awesome.

    Are you signed up for any races this season??? What is your Ultimate Running Song??

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Thanks for stopping by!!!


  • Hey there!!!

    How are you? It’s Thursday already? I have lots on my mind today and I don’t really know where to channel my energy. So, through writing this… I have no idea where this post will go.. It is just as much of a mystery to me, as it is you.

    I woke up at 4:45am to go for a swim today with my triathlon club. I really had to PULL and PRY myself out of bed. Momma said there’d be days like these, lol…. However, one I got my butt in the pool and put my head down and started swimming..I WAS FINE. I was in a good space, and I really enjoyed my swim. I swam 1600m today! Thats 1.6km! I know for some of the ironman athletes I swim beside, that is a warmup for them- but for lil ol me- I was EXCITED.

    I never get pictures at the pool- that is my next mission. All I have is this picture I took the first time I swam at this pool

    Our locker room talk was comforting today. I train with some awesome athletes. It was nice hearing that they want days off too sometimes, they don’t always feel like training and that Sunday night swims are hard to squeeze in if you want any kind of a social life.  That said- there is something to be said about the commitment and dedication to something you love. I’m onto week 6 now with the tri club and I am truly enjoying myself. Of course sometimes wine and chocolate are more appealing than an 8am run in the pouring rain…but I believe there is a method to this madness;)

    I was happy that my skin didn’t react in the chlorine! Like I said a couple days ago, I had a skin allergy (on my face) Thank God for makeup or I couldn’t have filmed yesterday! I sent my mom a picture of my face (sans makeup) and she said, “wow- your a trooper, that was really bad, I’m surprised you handled it so well.”

    My medicine (trying to relax and slathering this goop on my face)


    What else? What else? I’ve been doing great with the vegan challenge I’m doing this week. This was my lunch: Amy’s Soup and Ezekiel toast dry.

    ezekiel toast, amy's soup

    I had my “lunch” at 10am. This is what happens when you wake up before 5am!!

    The rest of my day is dedicated to voicing projects. Projects I am working on:

    1. I am working on my India Project (the 18 month job I just got- lots of work- but definitely rewarding)

    2. Just did a voiceover for a Real Estate Gala. It was fun. I voiced the in house announcements like this:

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    3. I am the new voice of Canterbury Coffee! I have to start on their commercials;)

    4. And lastly- reworking some client direction on a voiceover I did for a seminar in Florida-

    Did I tell you I am going to Saskatchewan next week? I’m going to meet my lil nephew Jasper…

    My tired brother Dave and his new son:)

    Everyone in my family is meeting in Sask and we are having a mini “Christmas in February” celebration since we didn’t get to spend it together in Dec. I heard that my AWESOMELY COOL Uncle is going to be there too. Read up on my uncle here. I always get inspired when I hang out with him.

    My last thought of the day. (I think we’ve sifted through a lot of them;) is this: Do you ever just want to pick up and move somewhere? Sometimes I do. I heart, heart, heart Vancouver but sometime I just want to see some place different, go adventure in unchartered territory.. maybe even somewhere warm… (Maybe I just need a HOLIDAY)  hee hee….

    If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

    Talk soooooon




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