• Happy Monday!

    Ready to take this week by the horns and show it what you’ve got? I’m not:(
    lol, I feel lazier than ever today, but I will pick myself up! I am actually going to take a day off today and do some shopping, maybe get my nails done, fun stuff. I just got a call that I have a studio session via computer in NYC tomorrow, so I need to rest up for that. It is for a translation company. Should be interesting.

    Want to see some beautiful photos?
    This was a creative project we did with my cousin a lil while back. My cousin Robin is a gorgeous gal, has done really well with modelling, so Andrea from Go Lucky Photography and I decided to do a mock “bridal” shoot with her. I kept the makeup very light and pretty and Andrea took some amazing pics as always.
    Great thing is Robin is going to be a bride FOR REAL this Sunday! How cool is that. I am really looking forward to the wedding.

    From model Bride….to real Bride this Sunday!

    We took these shots in the Gas Town area of Vancouver.

    I hope you are off to a great start in your week. I went to Whole Food this morning and got some good wholesome food. I also borrowed The Thrive Diet and Thrive Fitness from the Library.  I love getting books from the library. It is such a great resource and it’s free!

    Do you have a library card?

    Daily affirmation- “Every experience is an opportunity.”-Louise Hay

  • Tuesday, We welcome you:)

    Hope your week is off to a great start. Yesterday, I had the privilege of doing makeup for Ravy Minhas Mehroke  (yet again:)
    It seems as though once a week Ravy has an event or photoshoot of some sort and I am grateful to be her go-to makeup artist.

    Ravy is a busy girl! She is the owner of the successful Bombay Brow Bar in Yaletown, Vancouver.  They seriously ROCK at doing eyebrows.

    Here’s a couple looks I’ve done with Ravy.

    Top 2 photos taken by Go Lucky Photography

    Be sure to visit the Bombay Brow Bar if you live in Van. This is were Frieda Pinto gets her brows done when she’s in town!!!

    Frieda Pinto and Karen the Brow sculptress

    If you can’t make it out to Vancouver to get your brows done, you can always shape them up at home. Here is an eye guide to how the ideal brow should look. Use a pencil to map out the points a, b and c. The middle point is the highest arch. If you tweeze, do it by a window in natural light so you can see everything:) Sometimes shaping can take a couple months, if your brows are not at your desired shape. I have had to grow in my brows a few times and start over because of a tweeze happy episode.

    I also like to trim my Bert brows by brushing them up, then trim some hair, brush them down and trim some hair. It makes them look neat and clean.

    Once you have shaped, tweezed and trimmed, it’s time for brow makeup. (optional)
    When picking eyebrow tones, always go a bit lighter than your brow hair. (like if you have black brows, get a dark brown-never black) Use light strokes with an angle brush to fill in any spots. As you age, your brows actually get shorter, so ladies, you may need to be filling them in a bit on the ends to match the ideal eyebrow.. But again, the key is finding the right color, and a light hand. To keep them in place you can use a brow wax, and for an inexpensive option, use clear mascara (works awesome!!)

    Are you comfortable doing your own brows? Where is the best place to get brows done where you live?

    Have a perfectly shaped day!

    Daily affirmation “I am willing to learn how to take good care of my body.”-Louise Hay

  • Good afternoon!!

    I went for a quick shop to Sephora yesterday. (had to make it to bank, and we were on our way to a friends I was on the move)

    As I grabbed a few things I needed, The Urban Decay Naked Palette caught my eye. It looks like a dream for everyday use. All the colors are fab and Urban Decay is known for their dense pigment, so the color will last. (and you can also use their Primer Potion, to REALLY make it last,  which is in almost every makeup artists kit!)

    They had the tester, but they were out of stock of the product. Bummer! I think I may order it on line. Here’s what she looks like:

    hot hot hot! I want this!

    Which cleanser are you into? I picked up my fav Purity by Philosophy. It really gets everything off and doesn’t dry out the face.

    such a delight! It's the small things in life...

    And last but not least, I bought a new nail polish. Now, my man hands do not do this color justice, AT ALL.(OPI- Coney Island Cotton Candy) I tried taking pics of my hands and it just looked scary! I thought maybe if I pretended to play the piano, I might look more graceful. (not so much hahah)

    I'm giving up my life long dream of hand modeling!

    OK here’s the best shot I could get!!

    Can't really see the color, but it is nice:)

    Well, just wanted to do a quick post and say hi! Back to worky work work work…. (i’ll be taking breaks tho and enjoying this beautiful day! )

    Enjoy your Saturday!!

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    Wow, I am so excited:) This blog is finally up and running. Looks good eh?

    We are going to have so much fun! More to come, so stay posted….

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