• Hello Hot Fudge Sundays!

    We have our engagement photoshoot today with Go Lucky Photo! While Mike and I were walking for a coffee, we were laughing at all the potential super cheesy shots we could do.. We were laughing. Then when I got home I decided to google “bad engagement pictures” and here are a few hilarious photos I discovered!

    Looks like she may have stepped in something, but he will love her no matter what!

    Why?HahaDon’t look at this one to long or your eyes will hurt…. eeewwww

    Well, we live across from a beach… I’m sure I could find us each dark jeans and a white shirt!! lol

    Oh My….

    Here is us on our way out the door
    We shot in Gastown, Coal Harbour and on Granville Island!! I meant to take some shots out and about, but I fergot..
    Here’s us walking back in!

    Some of my “get ready” routine:

    I painted my nails this colour in spirit of SPRING

    I got Mike to give me a spray tan with my airbrush machine (arms/legs/face) for a nice glow

    I really like this stuff- you get it at Holly North in Vancouver. I like the St.Tropez liquid bronzer better- but this stuff is inexpensive and easier to track down

    And Last but not least- I have been putting this stuff in my hair for YEARS! It is hard to come by- (It may even be discontinued now) but I sometimes find it at Zellers, and I stock up

    I got new shoes and a new dress from H and M. I will post that later- We are on our way to a Fundraiser that my girlfriend is putting on!

    Have a great evening!!


  • Hey friends!

    What’s happening? I’ve been working on a billion voiceover scripts (exaggeration, but we’ve been happily busy). Here is the stuff I have voiced in the last 5 days (my audiobook papers are in here too)

    I am also running on the track with The Right Shoe athletes tonight! YAY, track running…fun!

    I’ve been turning into a night owl, i’d say for the past week. I don’t like it! I stayed up late to complete the audiobook and it has turned into me staying up until about 1am and waking up at 8am the last few days… not gonna fly for much longer!
    At about 11pm last night I started to make soup.. Awkward time to make soup…I KNOW.. but it worked out well…

    homemade veggie soup, root soup

    Here is the recipe. Things I added to this batch that I didn’t in the last were- Kidney Beans, zucchini and banana squash. I also added a dash of cayenne pepper, and Trader Joe’s 21 Salute Spice.  This batch is just sooo delicious. It is filling and feels good to know you are eating NOTHING but good wholesome veggies. (No need for multi vitamins with this in your fridge!)

    Yesterday I had a makeup/hair consultation with a beautiful gal getting married this July. I won’t put up her pic (in case she doesn’t want it up- I forgot to ask)

    But here is how I did her hair:side bun
    Cute hey?

    To get the curls, I put these hot rollers in her hair, while I did the makeup. hot hot rollers

    After her makeup was done, I took the hot rollers out, I teased the hair a bit at the root, smoothed it over, put it in a side pony tail and started hair spraying and pinning!

    Her makeup was super light, fresh and pretty. I had to convince her to wear a half set of fake eyelashes. She didn’t want to- but once I got them on, she was happy!

    It seems like I am always due to add more makeup to the kit. It’s a never ending investment, lol.

    I rarely EVER buy makeup from the drug store! Here’s why:

    As some of you know, my fiancee Mike is a Self Development Podcaster (among other things). Twice a week he records these podcasts and he likes me out of the house while he is recording, it’s cute, but he is still shy to voice them in front of me! (Click here to check out his magical wisdom!)

    So, last week when he was recording, I strolled over to London Drugs to wander around the cosmetics department. I was starring at the Cover Girl Lip Stains for a long time. Deciding if I should buy one or not..cover girl outlast lip stainI know that the amazingly talented makeup artist Pat Mcgrath helped formulate them, so I figured they would be outstanding! Hi Pat!

    So I bought the “nude” coloured one. The verdict….It’s not so bad…The colour is definitely muddier and darker than a “nude”, but for a base under lip gloss it is OK.

    I figured I better get a gloss to go over top, so I got the “berry” Amazemint lip gloss… Where is it now??? IN THE GARBAGE CAN!
    The colour was fine and I didn’t mind the minty flavour but the gloss lasted 2 seconds on the lips. Also, the lid sucks and the gloss leaked everywhere. UGH, I hate that! I know that expensive lip glosses leak too, ha, but it got all over the place and I was perturbed (word of the day).

    The one thing, time and time again I will buy at the drug store is this:
    I LOVE Loreal mascara. I’ve been using it for years. It is a+ in my books.

    Do you have any drug store makeup purchases that you love? What about ones that you dislike?

    Enjoy the rest of your day! I HEART you!

    Words of wisdom from T Harv Eker:

    “No one’s helping themselves with disaffirming thoughts. Instead of “I don’t want to do this,” how about “I’m going to treat myself when I’m done.” Positive associations instead of negative. You can make the best of it or the worst of it. We choose. It’s as simple as that.”

  • Hey!

    Tuesday eh? Anything exciting going on? For me- just busy voicing projects and I just went for a very light swim earlier. Mike and I are getting ready to go for a trip to Saskatchewan to visit our families. One thing I have GOT TO DO before I leave tomorrow is clean up my apartment. I don’t like coming home from a trip to a messy place.

    I also want to wash my makeup brushes. The most effective method of brush washing for me is using baby shampoo and laying them flat to dry. I anticipate I will be doing makeup for a couple family members here and there during the trip;)

    I went into Sephora recently and GUESS WHAT? My friend Sherry that I went to makeup school with made the 2011 Sephora PRO Team! She is in NYC right now for fashion week doing makeup for all the BIG Fashion Houses! I am sooo proud of her! She was chosen out of 1300+ makeup artists to make the team of 14! Holy Moley!

    Here’s us in makeup school…nothing like a hair train to pass the time… (notice how no one wanted to sit in front of me? haha)

    So, now that Sherry is BIG TIME… You can bet your bottom dollar that when I saw her a couple weeks ago I picked her brain on everything that she has learnt and what some of her favourite Sephora products are these days.. Here is what she said to buy… (Keep in mind my makeup kit is about 50 pounds, so these are things I don’t already own)

    1. Tarte Eye Liner

    I like it, it is waterproof, nice intense black and has that aqua look. My only problem is that I like to blend over it with a thin eyeliner brush because the precision isn’t immaculate, but it is definitely a good purchase!

    2. Givenchy Instant light Concealer

    This concealer is good for dry skin. Not good for blemishes, but is a nice under eye concealer that adds some brightness and cuts our purple bags.

    3. Nars Laguna Bronzer

    Hearts and kisses all around for this bronzer.. It is beautiful. Has a nice light shimmer.

    4. Clinique Redness Solution foundation

    Holy Cow, I can’t believe Sherry convinced me to buy Clinique! I normally DO NOT like anything from this brand.. but Sherry converted me… (at least with the foundation) My skin normally has a bit of redness and this foundation worked well, at a very good price. Still NOT my favourite foundation by any means, but a nice addition to the kit and good for makeup clients too!

    5. Nars multiple stick in Portofino (Sherry was getting mad at me, cuz I kept calling it Portabello..hee hee)

    Sherry said the Portofino multiple stick would be better than the Orgasm Multiple stick because the colour is more vibrant and will last longer, but it is still a pinky-coral… I like to use cream blushes UNDER a regular blush (like Orgasm). It looks fresh and pretty! These sticks are expensive ($46!) but I am happy with it so far!

    And I also bought a new Shu Eumera eyelash curler, because they are the best

    I didn’t have time to get anymore stuff because we ran out of time! I think I would have just kept buying whatever she said.. haha I’m going to ask her what her favourite lip gloss is next:) She said when she gets back from NYC, she would do a lil interview with the blog!! Woo hoo..
    I am sooo proud of you SHERRY!

    I also got a couple presents for my sister- in -laws (and mom), as we are celebrating Christmas this weekend since we couldn’t be together in Dec…

    They wrapped it so pretty!! Fun stuff! Ok- I better get back to work! ahhhhh

    BUT FIRST.. something that Sephora DOES NOT have that I drool and lose sleep over!

    ahhh…. The trouble is a 1 ounce jar is like $200….




  • Hey!

    What is shaking? I am in such a good mood- I have an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE today folks! Some exciting things in the works at our camp….it may involve us going somewhere WARM… I will keep you posted as it unfolds…

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to do makeup for my friend Ravy from the Bombay Brow Bar. It inspired me to do this post called 5 Pretty People That Do Neat Things. I’ve decided to make this a recurring thing- so if your a pretty person that does something neat, leave me a comment and I will try to feature you in the next one!!!

    5 Pretty People That Do Neat Things

    1. RAVY (owner and operator of Bombay Brow Bar)

    bombay brow bar, ravy, pretty

    (this is the makeup I did for her yesterday! I thought she looked gorgeous!)

    2. Hannah (amazing personal trainer/pole dancer extraordinaire) oh and guess what?? I am doing a class with her next Monday night at 8:30pm! After the class, I might be up for a career change…we’ll see! Haha ya right- can you imagine me on the pole??? I can’t, but I’m excited to try it;)

    3. Hunter (Life Coach at This shot of Hunter was recently taken, again, I did the makeup! It was a super duper fun shoot, part of the reason was because of the energy between myself, Hunter and the photographer

    hunter pheonix

    Who took this photo of Hunter you ask? She happens to be the next Pretty Person….

    4. Andrea (owner of Go Lucky Photography) She took the above picture. She also photographed my brother’s wedding, and the pics were stunning. Now my brother and his wife are getting her to take pics of their little one, Jasper.

    5. Jenny (pro model/triathlete) We are good friends and we are going to train together, she just doesn’t know it yet! PS- Triathlon Update coming soon, we may go do some filming outside this afternoon!

    jenny fletcher, training

    And there you have it- The first instalment of Pretty People that do Neat Things!

    Please comment/contact if you want to be in the next batch of lovely women….. Also as a bonus, if you give me an entry, you will be in a draw for some affirmation cards made by Hunter! (#3!) affirmation cards, like louise hay!

    I will make the draw on Monday Feb. 7th and mail them to you where ever you may live!!

    Have a freaking amazing day and remember to have an Attitude of Gratitude…

    Quote of the Day- “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” Helen Keller

  • Organization…A trait I am not overtly blessed with..
    Determination however, is something I have….

    I am DETERMINED to get ORGANIZED for the new year.

    First stop…my accessory shelf in my bedroom. I can’t remember the last time I went through it..

    So here is what we are starting with…..

    Yikes, looks like a tornado hit.

    As I threw everything onto the floor, I found all sorts of things, like this Amanda name tag

    It was probably from some networking event…oh no, I just remembered, it was for a choir I joined, we were supposed to wear our name tags every rehearsal, I wore it once…GAAARRRBAAGE!!

    Then I found this saucy picture of me from a photo shoot in LA

    I’ll give that to Mike

    I had a hell of a time getting the tangles out of the necklaces.

    I threw some of the tangled stuff out cuz I just couldn’t deal with it!!

    I got sidetracked and started playing dress up….

    HAHA…I used to love those fake lip/nose rings. I’m keeping em….

    Are you ready for the finished product??

    TA DA!

    Let’s see how long I can keep it like this! Next stop….kitchen…but NOT today! I think I’ll get Mike to help me with that!

    Okee dokey…I am off to the airport to pick up my love….

    I blogged twice today…NEAT…Guess I had LOTS to say;)

    Talk soon!!!


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