• Hey!!!

    Last night, in our no-tv living room, we pulled up a couch to my computer to watch the Canucks win the first game in the Stanley Cup!

    It was pretty gloomy and cloudy out….

    So I literally lit every candle I could see in my place… Its fun!
    And relaxing…
    Oh! There’s another one.
    K that’s good for now!

    This morning I went for a workout at our gym and came back and made my special morning shake!
    I added extra spinach today for extra iron..
    Ironically I went to the doctor and she made me get a blood test to make sure I wasn’t low in iron…
    Ouchie! I don’t like needles.
    I also asked my doctor about a foot problem I have been having. I don’t like to talk about it because I don’t want to attract more pain. It’s not bad, but right at the ball of my left foot by my toes, I get a little pain there sometimes. My doctor says its nothing to worry about, it’s just a pinched nerve. She said just don’t run for a bit and it will heal itself.
    I got these puppies to help stretch it out a bit.
    I tried them for 20 minutes or so and it seemed to help… I will try them for a couple weeks every day and let you know how it goes!Any one else ever try these?

    I also bought some more of this Glaxal Base! I love it.
    I went to Holt Renfrew a few weeks ago and was talking to the lady at the Creme De la Mer counter. I was going to spend $200+ on Creme De la mer for my sensitive, dry skin. The lady suggested trying Glaxal Base, instead of spending $200 on her cream. I was floored that she didn’t push the sale, cause I would have bought La mer. However, I am very grateful for her recommendation. I love this stuff! Glaxal Base rocks on my skin!!!

    K, well I am going to an event tonight so I will talk with ya tomorrow!!
    Love and lots and lots of candle light!



  • Hello!

    I had a great sleep last night! Feeling re-energized after a good workout too. Just got back up stairs and starting making my morning shake.
    I bought this rinsing basket at Ikea the other day and I must say it is one of the best purchases ever. Just throw your veggies or fruit in the basket and rinse away!

    ikea rinsing basket

    My hands would always get so cold when I had to hold the veggies and fruits underneath and now I have THE solution! BAM

    I’m so inventive too. I got these weak, useless clothes pins from Ikea the other day but they are great as bag clips!

    I’m so creative, haha.

    I’m trying to use food in the fridge before we go to Florida. So we definitely need to eat a cucumber,tomato, onion salad later! I was doing some Florida research and we are REALLY close to a massive, ginormous, humungous outlet mall. Oh Dear me. Now this is a must in our trip. Maybe I’ll find my wedding dress? When I tried on wedding dresses the other day.. I think I found “the one”. I know the style, the cut, EVERYTHING that I want in my dress. Now it’s just finding it for less than $1700! I am NOT spending that much on a dress I will wear for a few hours. YES- my dress is important to me, but I know I can find one like it- for less.

    I wish I could show you the picture but my mom would FREAK! I started emailing the picture of me in the dress to a couple people and I got in trouble.. haha. “It’s supposed to be a surprise!” MOM says. Okay, okay… but it’s so exciting!!!

    Some of the dresses I tried on and ALMOST went with!!!

    I tried this one on- they didn’t have my size!

    I wanted this one- but I didn’t want to trouble my brothers to hold my hat up all day….

    I fell in love with this one.. but the shoes didn’t come in red..

    This one looked amazing on, but it only looks good if you can make that face too, and I couldn’t quiet get it…

    Oh well, back to the drawing board!! Hopefully I can find my dress in Florida? Is it there??? We will see….

    I didn’t watch the Royal Wedding, but I did think Kate looked absolutely gorgeous. I know I’m late talking about this! Ha- she is probably pregnant with her 3rd child by now. But yes- let’s appreciate her beauty!Stunning.

    Now it’s time to shoot Stormtech video #4! We are on a roll. We’ll shoot #5 in Florida, and then the rest right when we get back. Our actress today is Andrea and her jacket is ready to be showcased:)

    Thanks for stopping by today! I feel like we should keep chatting, but I need to get my butt in gear here..

    Talk soooooooooon!


  • Good evening!

    I’m on the “graveyard” shift for blogging these last few days!

    I woke up this morning at 6am, got my mom from the airport and have had a jam packed day.

    Picked up mom and we went for coffee and toast at The Bellagio Cafe downtown.

    Then mom went for a 2 hour facial at She did cosmetic acupuncture AND a facial!!! If you are wondering what cosmetic acupuncture is all about. Here is the owner of SKN demonstrating!

    Mom loved it, I’ve had it done before too-makes your skin glow!
    While mom was having her facial I went and got a spray tan! woo hoo. I love spray tans.
    Then we went to MAC. I had 6 empty containers to take back for a free lip gloss. Ended up getting- Lip glass in LUST, Plush glass in Big Baby and a new creamy eyeshadow in Sizzlin Diva. Not 100% sold on the eye shadow yet, but i’ll try it tomorrow
    different view…
    Mom got foundation and lip balm. Took advantage of the 40% discount I get with my Pro Card.

    Then we came back to Port Moody so I could show mom our new home, little did she know I was up half the night cleaning!!swiffer wet jet review
    I tried out my new $50 swiffer wet jet. (50 when you add in all the pads and gear) Am I am fan? Ya, I really like it- but you have to sweep REALLY well before the mop or your just swiffing wet dirt! But I like it.

    Mom really likes our new place… but us Sellers don’t like to sit around long so we went to Red Robin for a bite (I will still go to Red Robin, even when I have a billion dollars! I love it there, haha)
    We talked “shop” CODE for WEDDING. Getting details. Mom and I can’t even talk about certain wedding details without getting teary eyed. Waterproof EVERYTHING on the wedding day please! Hi Mom!
    Dar and I went to Ikea to round out the night.. Bought some goods like this lovely candle.

    That monitor behind it is for my sound booth! We got foam today too for it.

    Now I’m capping off the night with a glass of vino!

    Off to the USA tomorrow and then downtown for the hockey game. I might be on the graveyard blogging shift for one more night. Bare with me! Have a freaking awesome weekend!!!! woo hoooo


  • Hello!

    You know how they say, “A happy wife is a happy life”?

    Of course- it is 100% true;) However, Here are some mantra I made up about perfect skin!

    Give me skin that glows and I’ll have no more woe’s.

    If I have clear skin, then we all win.

    I’d even give up beer, if it made my skin clear.

    Beautiful skin equals 100% grin.

    I would hand make dough, learn how to sew AND become and Eskimo…if it made my skin GLOW!

    haha….I have copyright on those all phrases, so if your from Dove, Nutragena, or Oil of Olay – Call me!!! We will talk!)

    Where is your skin at? If you had to grade it 1-10?

    Right now, my skin is at a 6. Seriously. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I think wow- my skin is looking top shelf and other times I just think UGH!

    It’s really dry right now. I can tell you it’s because I have been eating like crap lately and drinking more alcohol than normal. If I don’t drink, my skin is super hydrated and feeling great… then after a few nights of beers and wine…it starts to shrivel up and gets red patches. All my dry skin tricks help but it is still not as hydrated and fresh looking as when I don’t drink. If you have dry skin, I did a post on it!

    Here are some tips for keeping your skin at a 10! (I need discipline too, so these are just as much for me as they are for you!)

    1. Drink lots of water!! Click here for tips and tricks on drinking more h20

    2. Eat Clean! Don’t eat packaged high sodium, high preservative junk. (I eat a lot of canned black beans and chick peas- I rinse them really well before using them) I am also going to try to use less canned stuff when we move and I have a bigger kitchen to muck around in!!

    (good books for clean eating)eat clean, thrive diet, tosca reno

    3. Eat colourful fruits and veggies. (leafy greens, carrots, beets, strawberries, blueberries) Yummy nutrients nourish your largest organ!

    (let’s do this!)

    kins produce, vancouver

    4. Healthy Fats please!! Almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flax, salmon

    homemade almond butter

    5. Omega 3 supplements. My mom takes fish oil everyday- she says it helps a lot with her joints too

    (look at the fluidity in that wave!)

    6. SWEAT BABY! Breaking a sweat flushes out your skin and gets the blood circulating.

    7. Relax, Relax, Relax. How many times do you hear people say, “Oh my skin broke out because I’m so stressed” Well, why are you so stressed? Life gives us difficult situations, but the more you can condition yourself to stay calm, cool in the midst of chaos- the better it will be for your skin…AND your health. Life is to short to be beotching and complaining all the time.

    8. Use affirmations! I know someone close to me that used affirmations to will away problem skin- for good! In the morning and before bed- repeat out loud and truly feel it in your heart when you say- “I am so happy and grateful that I have clear, beautiful skin. I am so happy and grateful that I have clear, beautiful skin. I am so happy and grateful that I have clear, beautiful skin.”

    9. Treat your skin the way you’d like to be treated. HA. Seriously though. Be kind and gentle to your skin. Read labels- is that eye cream expired? Wash your face before bed- gently though, no need for tugging or being rough. Wash your makeup brushes- weekly!

    10. Use a trusted professional. We go to the dentist for cleanings and check ups right? Well, work it into your budget to see someone you trust that can perform safe and effective treatments for maintenance. Someone who is on your team…. a little skin cheerleader if you will! I feel extremely blessed to have found a clinic in Vancouver that I trust with my face!  ( Last night they had an open house!

    skn clinic vancouver

    It was a lot of fun. I am booking my mom and I in for appointments for the Mothers Day weekend! I am not sure what we are going to get done yet, but I’m sure the Skn team will guide us in the right direction! Even after writing this my skin feels better! Woo Hoo!

    Do you have any healthy skin tips to add? Please do share! Have a wonderful Good Friday!

    Until we meet again:)




    a) It’s Friday

    b) She’s a beautiful day out there!

    c) Life is fantastic

    d) Before we get started… can you make life even more fantastic and “like” this page? THANK YOU!!!!!

    So Far today:

    -listened to


    -read a chapter of The Power out loud to warm up my voice

    -ran 10km around the seawall (here is what the seawall is all about)

    -attempted to make my vegan walnut burgers, but I was in a hurry and I over processed them and they didn’t really stick together, but they still tasted amazing!

    -had a shower and am now about to voice a 60 second commercial


    -film a lil video I’m doing (really short)

    -makeup client at 4pm and maybe yoga tonight, or just chill out again

    Last night was awesome. I SHUT my brain off.

    Ya know how? A couch, a good ol Canadian Hockey game, and Canadian Beer!!

    I also made popcorn
    So good.
    I sat for a good while, but then I got fidgety and had to start doing something.. haha (I guess I’m one of those people that can’t sit too long)
    So I started to clean out my makeup tower. I’m moving… its out with the old.. in with the new..

    BUH BYE! YOU ARE GARBAGE. Thank you for being in my life.. but your done! (It’s hard parting ways with makeup, even if it is expired!)

    I save the MAC containers for the “Back 2 MAC” program (Save 6 containers and get a free lipstick or gloss of your choice)Back to Mac
    What? Only 5?? Trust me.. I have another stash of empties somewhere! I’m ready for a free lipstick:)

    Our sunset was amazing last night. Port Moody… I hope you can compete with this beauty! haha…

    It will be hard to say goodbye to the West End, but I am so excited for a change and I keep dreaming of my new space.. May 1, May 1, May 1!!
    Here’s more pictures of our new home!

    YESS! Soo.. what do you have planned this weekend??? I hope you have a great one.

    ‎”Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” ~Marianne Williamson



    Thank you soooooo much for stopping by.

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