• Hello!!!!

    and-Happy Monday.

    After a full morning, mid afternoon we headed downtown to go to the spa. I asked Mike if we could stop by Gorilla Foods first. (It is a raw-vegan cafe and I had NEVER been there!)

    It’s located right downtown on Richards and Hastings.

    Head on down the stairs and enter the rawesomeness!

    Gorilla Foods, Vancouver Richards st. Raw vegan food

    Organic.Vegan. Raw. (so cool! I have been backsliding a teeny bit this past weekend off raw and am diligently getting back on the wagon)

    Gorilla Foods, Vancouver Richards st. Raw vegan food

    It’s just the way raw foods make me feel vs cooked/processed foods. It’s about a feeling. A very healthy and alive feeling.

    I chose to get the GO Veggie Burger, Mike ordered the pizza.

    Gorilla Foods, Vancouver Richards st. Raw vegan food

    Mmm, raw desserts, don’t mind if I do..

    Gorilla Foods, Vancouver Richards st. Raw vegan food

    They also sell some dried foods, goji berries, raw cacao, raw olives, cacao nibs, stuff like that.

    My burger was amazing. I look ridiculous eating it, haha, but I was soo impressed. I opted for the flax seed “bun” which was an extra $2.

    This piece of pizza was $8. May seem crazy to some, but I look at it as an investment in my health. This raw pizza (made only of veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds, and maybe a bit of olive oil) was freaking outstanding. It doesn’t leave that lumpy pizza sitting in your stomach feeling after either.

    Gorilla Foods, Vancouver Richards st. Raw vegan food

    I told Mike if he wanted to have dessert he should of ordered it. I shared my fudge.

    Gorilla Foods, Vancouver Richards st. Raw vegan food

    Gorilla Foods gets a big, fat Gorilla thumb’s up! Go there!

    Next stop, Absolute Spa…

    Absolute spa, century hotel, burrard

    How cute, a little rock garden with a rake. Isn’t that cute? must be therapeutic in some way to. (I just looked it up. It is called a Zen Garden and “a Zen garden can serve as a quiet refuge for meditation and relaxation.”)

    Absolute spa, century hotel, burrard

    Lots of celebs frequent this spa.. (My picture is not on the wall…yet…haha)

    Absolute spa, century hotel, burrard

    Before my massage, I put some cucumbers on my eyes, along with a damp washcloth that smelled all aromatherapy-ish.

    Absolute spa, century hotel, burrard

    It was a lovely day. We even fit in a visit to the SKN clinic in Yaletown. Mike got a facial and I had some laser hair removal! ow ow.

    skn clinic yaletown,

    I’ve been using their Jade and Ginseng Radiance Moisturizer. It has really been keeping my skin hydrated and feeling great. This is by far my favourite moisturizer right now!

    Guess what? Tomorrow I have a Tomboy of the Month coming your way. She is a superstar. Can’t wait for you to meet her!

    I’m whispering in your ear right now, “Keep shining bright!” :)

  • Hi hi hi

    Warrior Dash tomorrow morning. You’d think I’d be painting my face with the blood of my enemies.

    But it’s quite the contrary. Here’s 5 ways I am transforming into a Sexy Viking Woman!

    1. I am painting my nails… Hmmm, what’s the most viking-like color?

    Let’s go with purple!purple nail sinful color

    2. I thought it would be rather viking of me to cover myself in dirt, but I decided to give myself a spray tan instead.air brush spray tan

    3. Whitening my teeth! The only way to win a sexy viking-man is to have a nice bright smile;) lol

    4. A new tube of mascara.

    5. As always, drinking lots of water throughout the day! (shot from a while back..)

    tips on how to drink more water

    Here are some tips on how to drink more water!

    ROAR and now your a sexy viking, lol.

    We are leaving at about 6:30am tomorrow morning, so it’s going to be an early night for me. I woke up at 5am today, so I will be able to fall asleep no problem.

    Here’s a snap shot of the sun coming up at the crack of dawn this morning. (I had to do an audition and get it to my Toronto agent- which is why I was up so dang early)

    Day 12 for me on the Raw Food diet!  I LOVED this “ice cream” I made today. It is literally 3 ingredients. Frozen bananas, frozen blueberries and cinnamon. Blend. Delicious.

    bananda, blueberry and cinamon ice cream, non dairy

    I can’t wait to experiment more with my raw cookbooks and what not. But for now- I need to sleep!!!

    Have a terrific weekend!

  • Hey!!!!

    Happy Saturday! I barely slept last night….woo hoo….It was one of those nights where Mike and I layed in bed talking, then when I realized the time, I was doomed. It was after 1am and I had to get up just before 5am. Then when I did “commit” to falling asleep, I heard loud noises…. I live in the burbs now…. I guess out here people like to dirt bike through the woods until 4am. I normally would have put ear plugs in, but I was paranoid I would not hear my alarm…YA…it was one of those nights.

    I had a makeup gig to do for a bridal party downtown this morning. While I was packing my kit, I realized I forgot my DUO eyelash glue in Saskatchewan. I ran to Shoppers, as it was the only place open and I had to settle with Quo eyelash glue.

    I DID NOT LIKE IT AT ALL. Maybe I am just toooo used to DUO, but the QUO seriously sucked. It was messy and didn’t hold very well. I made it work but I am never using it again… Sorry Quo, but DUO is the eyelash glue CHAMP!duo best lash glue

    I went to The Century Hotel downtown. Got my station set up..
    century plaza hotel view, vancouver


    Mother of the Bride!

    Getting Bride into her dress
    Limo has arrived, she is almost ready!

    Go on with your fine self and tie the knot!!!

    After I packed up and went down to my truck I realized I forgot my jacket in the hotel room! AHHH. I already lost 1 jacket by forgetting it after I did wedding makeup. It’s usually so hectic and I’m the last person with the bride and then she has to go and I run out sans jacket…
    Thankfully the bellman let me back up to get it.

    After the session, I went to have coffee with my gal Lee. She sat her purse down to go get some tea and her purse started moving….What the??? Maybe I am seeing things. But then I heard a little squeek.

    It’s a bird, a it’s super PIPER.
    Hee hee..
    Lee tells Piper to stay hush hush cause Starbucks does not allow pets.

    We had a really nice visit. We have know each other for years. Here’s the post on how Lee and I met:)

    Now I am gonna get ready for the event I am going to tonight… I hope your weekend is going great and we’ll pick up where we left off tomorrow!!!

    YESS! Can’t wait!!!!!!

  • Hey!!!

    I was going to call this post:

    A New Bombay Brow Bar opens and I finally score an Urban Decay “Naked” palette!

    ….but I decided to put up a much more glamourous title….

    Wanna see my “I don’t wanna go to the gym today” face?

    Here’s the face:

    After the busy morning/early afternoon I had- the last thing I wanted to do was hit the gym. However, I mulled up the motivation and went… and it was great. Isn’t it weird how that works? I was seriously dreading it and then once I was there I thought, “oh I’m SOO glad I came”. I have been doing more strength training lately. I am still having a little trouble with my foot, so I have eased off running and hiking and I have been doing the eliptical and then working with free-weights and machines with Mike‘s guidance. The results have been good! I’m gonna keep at it!! Maybe my foot being hurt is a blessing to tone up?? I am a cardio junkie so I think this change is good.  Mix it up a bit. I am going to get back to yoga right away too. My foot needs to get better though because I spend every second I can outside playing when the weather is nice….

    I heard a rumour that the Grouse Grind opened up! (It’s a hike in Vancouver- they call it Nature’s Stairmaster….3km straight up basically)

    Who wants to go?

    Speaking of things opening…. The Bombay Brow Bar opened up a 2nd location in Kitsilano today!!!

    It is LUSH!
    Rock your brows, Indian Style!

    I’m friends with the owner, Ravy. She is an admirable business woman. I don’t even think she is 30 yet and she has 2 store front locations for her business. Hats off!

    I went in and did Ravy’s makeup for the grand opening.

    Ravy’s colors, lol….
    I didn’t get a shot of how she looked today, but here is from the last time I did her makeup.
    She is a beauty! I pretty much always use the same colors on her. She always likes what I do, so I just keep doing the same thing (I’m smart like that! haha)

    OH MAN, after I was done there… I stopped by Sephora and found something that is almost harder to find than the fountain of youth….

    They NEVER have it in stock, and I am so happy I have one now! The pigment in their shadows are nice and dense and this array of colors is awesome for anyone! (The staff said they just got them in this morning and they are almost out)

    I got her to make me a sample of the Nars liquid illuminators in Copacabana. I wanted to try it before I bought it (It’s so great to get samples before you buy if your not sure!).

    I’ll try it tomorrow! We are leaving for the Osoyoos Celebrity Wine Festival tomorrow morning! We go to “The Vino’s” to see if we win the video competition. Crossing fingers!

    So that’s what I got for you today! Any weekend plans?

    Have a fantastic weekend!


  • Hey!!

    How are you? Excited it’s Friday? I know I am!!! OHHH YA! It’s supposed to be a nice one too.

    They say you are most like the top 5 or 6 people you spend the most time with. So it’s our best interests to spend time with those whom we admire and aspire to be.

    That’s why, when I get a chance to be in the presence of successful, passionate, creative, kind and supportive people- I chomp at the bit because those are all attributes I aspire to be.
    Last night a big hitter in the Canadian scene was speaking at a very local restaurant (like across the street from my apartment!). His name is George Moen, he is the president of Blenz coffee, among a gazillion other businesses.
    It was fabulous to get out and network in my new city and get a chance to listen to George’s wise words. He basically said things that I have heard before, but it is always awesome to hear them from someone else’s perspective.

    George’s in his own words (

    “Pursue Your Passion

  • Work at something you’re passionate about.
  • Don’t do something just because you can.
  • There’s no point in doing something if you don’t love it.
  • Become an expert.
  • Work to a Plan

  • Think big, but …- Develop a detailed plan and a budget. Avoid overwhelming yourself.
  • - Focus on 3 to 4 specific goals for a year. Monitor your results quarterly.
  • Once one goal is complete, add the next
  • Have a Mission

  • You need to have a Mission Statement to be “On Mission”.
  • Act out your Mission Statement.
  • “On Time, On Budget, On Spec”
  • If you say you will, you’d better.
  • Fail Forward

  • Do it rough until you do it well.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail.
  • Businesses fail … People don’t.
  • Pursue a Debt-Free Life

  • Debt is an anchor.
  • Put away the chequebook.
  • If you knew how it felt to be debt-free, you’d work harder!
  • Diversify

  • Develop multiple streams of income.
  • Always Be A Student

  • Read.
  • Network.
  • Be a great listener.
  • Embrace Change.
    - The only constant is change.
    - Only pursue change if there’s a clear and obvious benefit.
  • Develop discipline.
  • Network

  • Find genuine support.
    - No one can win alone.
  • Team with like-minded people
    …to amplify your efforts.
  • Surround yourself with a great virtual team.
    - Virtual Teams are the structure of the future.
  • Network without expectation
    - Your Network is your Net Worth.
  • Don’t grow a hero complex.
  • Mentor

  • Give some of your time and effort to someone else.
  • You’re only as good as what you give.
  • This is something you can do just because you can.
  • Never, Never, Never Quit”

    Holy great advice hey???? MAN! I love it. Thank you George for your wisdom and inspiration.

    george moen, speaker

    If you have people in your life that are non-supportive or holding you back, it’s hard to do- but maybe now is the time to release them? Life is to short to waste it spending time with people who are negative, jealous, and unsupportive.

    OK! enough serious talk. TIME FOR MY HAUL! HA.
    I went to Sephora this morning and brought back some goods.

    nars, evian, laura mercier and mua

    Holla! Look at all that Gold! If you are going to buy Laura Mercier’s famour tinted moisturizer, may I recommend just getting the kit? It’s $25 more, but you get the AWESOME concealer, brushes, primer, powder puff. <3laura mercier tinted foundation kit

    Then I got Makeup Forever’s HD foundation in #128

    I got it in a shade darker because I know I am going to tan. So for now, I will use it as a contour foundation. Check out this video to learn how to contour your foundation. You can use powders too to contour!

    Next up, I got the Lavanilla rollerball perfume. I totally copied Jenny Fletcher who was June’s feature Tomboy That Wears Makeup of the Month. In our interview she said she liked it- I smelt it and fell in love!lavanilla rollerball

    Had to pick another of my favourite blush ever.

    orgasm blush

    Gotta love the name, haha.

    And last but not least, I got some Evian water sprays to throw in my *new* purse as a refresher. (new purse below)

    Here is the new super inexpensive purse I got at H&M. $15 and will do the trick for now. As long as it holds my camera, I am good!

    h&m purse on sale

    Here was breakfast. Nice hey?

    And that’s all she wrote folks! I am smiling LOTS today. Mike had a good meeting at Stormtech, wine festival in Osoyoos next weekend. Just feeling blessed for a lot of things.

    Love you mom- have a good weekend camping (trailering) and call me Sunday.

    Talk soooooooooooooooon. Happy weekend…..

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