• Hello!

    How are thou?

    Ventured out today to get the ol eyebrows threaded. (I think I scared the lady when she saw them) Let’s just say..they didn’t call me Bert for my love of pigeons!

    So I stopped by the mall on the way… Got a juice… Freshly squeezed carrot and oj.
    carrot and OJ from Jugo Juice
    I really loved it actually. First time I’ve ordered it. Vitamin C x1000!

    jugo juice orange and carrot

    Tried on some jeggings at American Eagle since I have a gift card there… I liked the black on me way better than the grey, but they were low riding too much, I felt like i’d be tugging them up all the time. This picture makes them look super short too. They weren’t that short. But none the less, I didn’t get em. I DID grab a shirt and scarf from Forever 21. Still in my bag though, I’ll show you tomorrow!

    american eagle jeggins

    I noticed the mall had a Kiehls now (Metrotown in Van). I HEART Kiehls. Good for the skin!

    Something super crafty I did for my skin today was slather avocado on my face and left it on my skin for about 10 minutes before I jumped in the shower. First time I’ve ever done it. I was just making a salad and thought about how good avocado’s are for your skin when you eat them, and figured they must be good topically too. Think about all the avocado creams out there (Kiehl’s themselves have a creamy avocado eye cream!)

    I know it’s not the most appealing picture, but my report from the experience was- IT”S GREAT! My skin felt super soft afterwards. I was stoked….
    The salad was good too…

    Another amazing skin break through is this new product called the SKN Spin and it’s now available in Canada! I modelled for the video, it seems weird at first to roll needles over your face, but it works! It’s kinda like microdermabrasion, but better…


    Check out their site to learn more and watch moi in the video…<3

    And yet another good thing for skin is sleep… so I will get to that right away… But first… Please tell me I’m not the only one who beeps their car keys a million times to try and locate their car in a large parking lot?

    trying to find car

    Ok good…you do it too? Cause I was getting some looks… Well just one girl… she was like STARRING… as she went up the escalator… But I think I was getting the looks because I was taking a picture of myself WHILE I was beeping my car keys, looking for my car. I guess that would look weird. The things I do for this blog…haha

    Have a great night!


  • Hey!

    Happy Saturday night. I just got back from hot yoga. Chilling as much as possible this weekend as it feels like things are gonna get crazy busy!

    Tri city hot yoga, coquitlam

    Picked up a few items for dinner at Superstore after and couldn’t help but notice all the PUMPKINS waiting to get adopted.

    Sorry pumpkins, not today.. soon though!

    Ok, so today I asked the girls from one of my favourite blogs, Fabulous on a Budget, where I should pick up some wedding stuff when I’m down in LA (oh…did I not tell you…ok, and California..2 weeks in November!)

    They told me I need to check out Moskatels! Apparently it’s like Michaels on steroids!

    Moskatels, LA

    Woo hoo. Thanks for the tip girls.

    If you haven’t been to Fabulous On A Budget, check it out!

    Fabulous on a budget

    These girls rock!

    HEART! so cute.

    Alrighty! I’m gonna chill and watch a movie. We are watching The Help.

    YAY, relaxing! Talk tomorroe

  • Hey!

    How’s your day going? Mine has been pretty good. Tonight is Day 8 of yoga! I usually go in the morning, but had a deadline to meet, so I am saving it for tonight. Then going again in the morning…yep….

    Thinking about our wedding coming up..soo much to do… One thing I am super pumped about is having Swoon Photography shoot our wedding!

    Janna (basically my sister whom I have know since I was 11) is the main photog. Just look at how adorable this shot of hers..

    Janna and I were thinking up some props to use for the formal session.

    Here is another one of her shots. Love the forever sign.

    Janna makes all her brides look stunning, I am so happy to be in such good hands…

    Swoon Photography ROCKS.

    Here are some other prop ideas I found while browsing the net….

    Maybe not quite my style, but cute. I already have a moustache, and I don’t need to accentuate it, haha.

    These 2 look too young to be married and by the looks of it, he doesn’t like wearing a wedding band, but regardless, the Mr and Mrs. signs are cute.

    Cool pic too..

    Do you have any other cute ideas? Even NO props will be just fine too, just thought it could be fun…. maybe something to do with New Years Eve, (that’s the wedding date, Dec.31)

    I booked a ticket back to Saskatchewan at the end of November to seriously get down to work in regards to wedding prep. Today a friend asked if I needed any help, I responded, “Nope, I’m fine, it’s all under control.” Then I thought….WHO AM I KIDDING…ha….Maybe I’m worrying for nothing…(Mike thinks so) Everyone asks to help, but I’m always at a loss of what kind of “task” they could do…ya know?

    One step at a time….lets talk dinnertime….

    Quick and easy, NOT raw, but still good. Steamed Yams, and an array of veggies from the freezer…corn, carrots, spinach, peas, squash…

    steamed yams

    Hits the spot on a crisp fall day…

    Now for some dessert!!! Yes, these are raw and they are amazing… Discover the Raw One Bite Brownie recipe.

    one bite raw brownies
    Betcha can’t eat just one! lol… Instead of downward dog, I’ll be doing the downward hippo!!!
    Wish me luck..

    Have a fantastic evening..


  • Hey there!

    We woke up in a cloud, how about you?

    Port moody fog

    I just wrote a poem for you:

    “The Port Moody fog faintly flows through fair pine patches” ha

    port moody fog

    This is me, after my 4th day in a row doing Birkram’s Yoga! Here we go again!! (This is my 2nd year in a row doing a 30 day yoga challenge)

    Day 4 of my Bikrams Yoga Challenge

    It’s hard to dress for Hot Yoga, well basically it’s wear as little as you comfortably ¬†feel wearing. Since I choose not to wear the panty looking shorts that some gals sport, I am LOVING these flex yoga shorts from Stormtech. They are the perfect hot yoga shorts.

    stormtech yoga shorts

    I sometime just wear a sports bra on top, or a sports bra and light tank top… I still drip buckets of sweat no matter what I wear though!

    In other headline breaking news, I washed my makeup brushes today. The were a bit muddled from doing makeup for 5 girls yesterday.

    washing makeup brushes

    I dab the brush in a bowl of baby shampoo, then wet it a bit and move the brush back and forth on my hand until I feel it is clean. Then rinse it off in water (I just keep a small stream of warm water running)

    baby shampoo for washing makeup brushes

    Shape them back to the shape they should be in and place them flat to dry, preferably with the tip hanging over the edge.

    washing makeup brushes

    Then I moved on to taking these awesomely ripe bananas (when they are spotty is the best time to consume them because all the hard-to-digest starch has turned into an easily absorbable masterpiece for the body)

    brown bananas

    I peeled them and put them into the freezer to throw into my green smoothie in the morning.

    Remember THIS green shake? Have YOU made it lately?? xo

    Eww, I dislike that old kitchen…. But the shake is a game changer!

    I need to fill this awesome fruit bowl back up (bowl was a gift from my mom- good score hey?). Going to get groceries after yoga in the morning:)

    pier 1 fruit bowl

    Here’s my little fruit cake.

    Hope you guys had a great Sunday. I think this week is going to be outstanding! Keep putting the positive energy and it will keep on coming back!

  • Hey!

    Happy weekend! I try to drink tea with homemade almond milk during the week, but a couple times a week, I hit up that trendy coffee house, I can’t remember it’s name.. hmmm.. they seem to be doing well though…

    When I go there, lately I have been ordering:

    A Grande, Extra Hot, Unsweetened, Soy, Matcha Green Tea Latte! Geesh, what a mouthful. Please tell me what you order so I don’t feel so demanding! (They DO call me Demanda though… Get it? cause my name is Amanda,….Demanda…or Commanda…)

    green matcha unsweetend tea

    Anywhoo, the latte was good. I drink them way to fast. I was doing makeup today for a friend of a friends wedding. I had to grab her a set of lashes on the way. Although I’m not a fan of the Quo brand, (these were $7.50!) in a pinch they do the trick. I buy quality lashes wholesale from the states for $2. Shoppers is making bank! Remember last wedding I did when I had to get the QUO glue? Ya, that wasn’t fun.

    So I took my coffee, makeup kit and lashes and headed downtown.

    The girls were getting ready at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel.

    Such an awesome view. You can see the Vancouver convention centre, as well as almost all of Stanley Park in the background.

    We spotted those Wall Street Protesters.

    The girls all looked stunning, just to give them privacy, I didn’t shove my camera in their faces, but just know I did a fantastic job. I am SOOOO happy to say the next time I do makeup at a wedding….will be my own wedding!!!!!

    I was reading some of this wedding book. They say NEVER make your guests pay for anything and we were going to have a dollar bar… hmmmm….I need to land some BIG jobs. I am banking on my new agent….. ha

    I have a few jobs to do, but I am taking the rest of the night off. I can do them tomorrow. Hopefully check out the Coquitlam Farmers Market as well.. I googled it the other day and MY WORD- it is going on until Oct. 30!! I thought it was done by now.. Happy news.

    Coquitlam Farmers market

    I was gone pretty much all day, but I am always sooo excited to come home and see this face…(oh and Mike‘s too;)

    Like a button that one, like a button.

    Day 3 of Bikrams yoga- GOOD! Except next time I will NOT stand by the heater!! Lesson learned.

    What is your Starbucks order????

    Happy Weekend you guys! lots of love, light, happiness and FUN!


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