• Happy weekend friends. wooo hooo.

    Momma mia, there is a new health kick kid on the block. (Ooohh, actually it’s been around for centuries, but I am just discovering it all now..)

    In my pilates class I overheard one of the girls in my class saying that she drink a bottle of Kombucha a day. I have also seen this stuff on other raw foodies websites and just heard overall that it is a good for you.

    2 days ago I spotted this at Whole Foods and had to try it. To be honest, I thought I would hate it, but mmmmm, I liked it! Tastes like sparking water…

    TONS of celebrities drink this stuff, but here’s where it gets weird… Lindsay Lohan’s “scram” bracelet went off for alcohol detection and she blamed it on her Kombucha since there are TRACE amounts of alcohol in this drink (it even says it on the bottle) THEN Whole Foods PULLED this product from the shelf, only to devastate many loyal consumers…

    Within no time, the product was back on the shelf, Lindsay’s “people” apologized for misleading the G.T. Synergy Kombucha drink.

    Here are all the things Kombucha is good for:

    *Probiotics – healthy bacteria
    *Alkalize the body – balances internal pH
    *Detoxify the liver – happy liver = happy mood
    *Increase metabolism – rev your internal engine
    *Improve digestion – keep your system moving
    *Rebuild connective tissue – helps with arthritis, gout, asthma, rheumatism
    *Cancer prevention
    *Alleviate constipation
    *Boost energy – helps with chronic fatigue
    *Reduce blood pressure
    *Relieve headaches & migraines
    *Reduce kidney stones
    *High in antioxidants – destroy free-radicals that cause cancer
    *High in polyphenols
    *Improve eyesight
    *Heal excema – can be applied topically to soften the skin
    *Prevent artheriosclerosis
    *Speed healing of ulcers – kills h.pylori on contact
    *Help clear up candida & yeast infections
    *Aid healthy cell regeneration
    *Reduce gray hair
    *Lower glucose levels – prevents spiking from eating

    Umm YA! I’ll drink to that… But EWWW, here’s what it looks like when it is fermenting. It is alive and often grows to the shape of it container when harvesting this stuff…People think it’s made from mushrooms, but it’s really just a yeast that actually carbonates naturally.. So when you drink it, it has a fizzy taste..

    I’ll only drink it when it’s in a pretty bottle and tastes good…. My friend Amanda from loves the green one… I’ll pick that one up next time….


    I want to live long. I want to be healthy. I strive to be healthy, feel healthy. Strive to be and feel vibrant and full of life and love… I am not perfect, I have not been 100% raw since the new year has started. I don’t beat myself up though. Since I took the Feed Life, Starve Cancer classes in Vancouver, I see the benefits of other foods. Such as steamed yams, steamed veggies (for variety), whole grain rice and legumes. I miss 100% raw, but I’ve been kind of all over the map since being in LA. No excuses, just in a different head space. Really want to buckle down again with my choices soon. LESS beer and mexican food—- More raw, live, fresh fruits and veggies… I can do that!!

    Here’s some shots by the wonderful Swoon Photography taken a couple weeks ago down here in California.

    This shoot was such a blast. The lovely Diana from The Look Machine helped style it.


    I’m Fun! (most of the time)

    Nice black and white shot. 2 sets of eyelashes baby!

    At this moment. I can hear people swimming in our outdoor pool and I am loving it. I MAY have to go for a dip. It’s a heated pool….

    It’s been so nice to spend the rainy (Vancouver season) in Sunny California. I still really miss home though..I’m sure we’ll be back soon enough!

    Sending you love, light, power and might….You are so amazing. I love this quote by my fellow Canadian tribe member, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzky. Amen Wayne, Amen…..

  • Hello!!!

    Goodness gracious. Yesterday I was hit with something harsh. Flu? I don’t know, but I was on the couch and not moving. Still coughing a bunch, but feeling a trillion times better than yesterday.

    Everyone is in the Christmas spirit! Nice to see. This was the view from our last apartment on Beach Ave. They lit up this tree and some carollers were singing under it. It was very touching.

    I was all crafty last year too and made vegan chocolate chip cookies, as well as vegan dark chocolate mint cookies…mmm. Click here for recipes and the kitchen pics!

    Today the only thing I was “baking” was some Amy’s Soup. (Love this stuff!)

    Amy's Organic Soup, Barley

    I am starting to get packed up for the wedding. MAC doesn’t even make the lashes I like anymore, so I am debating between these lashes..

    And these ones. These ones have some brown hairs too, which I think would look pretty and maybe more natural. I’ll probably wear these guys below.

    Mom was getting her brows done and was telling the staff about my wedding and the “Ruby Slippers” I had to have and how much it meant to me. Well, one of the girls working there gave here this nail polish CALLED “Ruby Slippers” and said, “Take this, she has to have this colour”. How sweet is that???? And this Colour is beautiful.

    I’m getting a mani/pedi tomorrow, but I will find a way to get that colour on my fingers. Hopefully they have it at the salon I’m going too, if not I will just add another coat or something. Eyebrows done tomorrow too! Woo hoo.

    Anyway, I hope you are spreading your Christmas cheer for all to hear! I’ll talk to you soon!!!!!!!!


  • Hey friends!

    Saturday morning 6am the alarm goes off. I jump out of bed. I am on a mission. I got in my truck and drove across the border to Bellingham because I knew Charlotte Russe had the shoes I want to get married in. Dee and I searched Vancouver high and dry and could not find them. But alas, I got em.

    See, I wanted “Ruby Slippers” like dorothy wears in Wizard of Oz but more modern. Why? Well, ever since I was about 5 years old, I was obsessed with Wizard of Oz, the fact that I always thought there was more out there and the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow” has touched my heart since I was a little girl.

    Ruby red heel charlotte russe

    When I met Mike, I felt like I had finally met MY “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, and I’ve know for a long time that I wanted to wear red dorothy shoes at our wedding.

    “There’s no place like home”, another quote that tugs at my heart and I am blessed to have my wedding back in my hometown Saskatoon.

    Funny thing is, those shoes were $35 bucks! Score. AND if you buy 1 pair, you got the 2nd pair for $15, so these made it in my bag home too.

    My Ruby Slippers are size 8. They feel really, really good. 7 were too small, but I got these heel pads to spilt the difference because ideally I probably would have been a 7.5

    I got this at Target. Is it just me, or does everything seem static-y lately? First time in my life I bought this stuff.

    Cute! got these stocking stuffers. Little mini Vaseline’s jars with lip therapy. Need that in these cooler temps!

    Ohhhhh great. Me and Sephora.  I got a waterproof brown liner (makeup forever) a black waterproof liner by Urban Decay, a brownish (waterproof) shadow pencil from Urban Decay too. AND a hot Nars lip gloss in the colour Sweet Revenge.

    I’m going for a semi-dramatic brown smokey eye with a beachy-glow type feel. (I really need to test this out. I’ve showed this pic before, but I LOVE this makeup!)

    Sephora #3 holiday look

    Isn’t that pretty?

    Ok… I’m outta here! Talk sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.


  • Hello!

    Well, today I was going to write a post about Celebrating your successes, which we should all do. You know the “High 5″ moments throughout the day that keep us going… but…I got busy and did not have time to write… so, the ONE and only success I will celebrate today is when I went to Superstore and I didn’t run down every isle like a mad amazon woman looking for THESE:


    PC recipe

    Don’t those look good? mmmm. Oh ya. SNAP. Day 9 of my Green Smoothie cleanse.  I got an email that we helped inspire Natasha to start a 7 day Green Smoothie Cleanse! Check out her blog here and follow her journey! You go girl!

    It has been an incredible journey so far, I am taking my Vitamix EVERYWHERE with me from now on.

    Green Smoothie Cleanse

    I was thinking about the wedding today… I thought this picture was sweet. More like an engagement picture though? Could you see me in a dress doing that? Hmmm, Plus we are on New Years, not Christmas. I think our photog has some amazing ideas planned;) I CANNOT WAIT!

    The the next topic is wedding makeup. I loved this look…now to only create it… (it’s from Sephora’s new Party Eyes booklet, They tell you what they use. But that is all for sales. You know she has a million other layers on than just what they suggest. Stila‘s “kitten” eyeshadow was the brow highlighter. I NEED more of that stuff. It is amazing. (for eyelids too)

    Sephora #3 holiday look

    I “think” these are the lashes I am going to wear. They look crazy long, but on, they don’t look that crazy. I like the look of them

    I am wearing them in this shot below from our “BC wine” video.

    Haven’t seen our BC wine vid? Here it is. It was for “The Vino’s”. We made it to the finals!

    hee hee. Not exactly how he proposed….

    Have a Happy mid-December-ish day. Oh Holy Night! xo

  • Hello!

    Thanks for stopping by…

    So Mike got a cool gig working with the camera crew on a Sci-fi movie called Tazmanian Devils. (“Winnie” from the Wonder Years is one of the stars…she is all grown up now though:) So anyway, it leaves me to produce my voiceover work on my own. I am 100% cool with working on my own, and sometimes I really like it and find it rewarding to complete a job myself from audition, to back in the clients hand- to a 5 star review. BUT other times…..when I am busier than I have ever been in my entire life- A girl could use some help.

    I have an amazing editor from LA that we found who helps out from time to time. I email him files to edit when I am too busy. He is fast, produces good work and is trustworthy (I don’t even listen to the files once he sends them back to me. I just know they will be good)  Outsourcing means less money in our pocket per gig… but I as sure as heck can’t edit it all myself, so he has been a life saviour this week.

    Yesterday for example- I had over 12 (7 page) scripts to voice for a geometry course I am doing and 14 scripts for the University of San Francisco. Then I got 5 other scripts (2 from my agent, 2 from and 1 from a client) to turnaround within hours as they were all marked *ASAP, even *URGENT. haha. So ya, it’s been crazy.

    I am not complaining though. I spent hours meditating and visualizing for this moment to get here…and it is here! This is my job!



    I usually voice in my sound booth, but when I have long scripts, I have to voice at my desk so I can stop and start recording when I mess up (and I MESS up! lol) When I tell people what I do- some people don’t have a clue what I am talking about and other people think “ohh, your sooo lucky!”. I kinda smirk inside, because if they watched the countless hours and persistence I put into this career- They would say, “ohh, your soooo hardworking!”

    LUCK is when OPPORTUNITY and HARD WORK meet. It’s a happy marriage….

    Usually about once an hour Painter is bored and wants me to play with him. He stares at me and lets out these little wimpers like, “Hey….I’m over here…hey.. look at me…I’m bored, can we play?”

    Can you play with me?
    My sister in law posted this cool video on my facebook page today. This is basically what I do. I haven’t got any subways *yet* (I almost got the China subway) But I have voiced emergency situations and airplane directions. My only observation is- How can she voice and HOLD the script? It must have just been for the shot.

    Cute hey?

    Speaking of cute… check out these vases I got from Moskatels in LA. These are for the Wedding….. ahhhh…. Ohhh ya I’m getting married…. I am going to Saskatoon this weekend to iron out the rest of the wedding details..


    I need to stay calm…calmer….Everything will get done and I will be A-OK….

    Maybe I need to drink more Green Tea…

    OR SHOP MORE! I got this Tarte kit at Sephora for $40, I don’t LOVE it. The lipstick and blush is awesome (I would buy the Tarte Lip stick on it’s own) but the stick highlighter and powder highlighter is so so.. (haven’t used the liquid stuff yet)

    I also bought Korres foundation. Basically bought it because it had an “Best of ALLURE’” sticker on it. I have only worn it a few times. I think it’s going to be good. Still feeling it out. It is long lasting which is nice, it is a light buildable foundation..

    Another purchase I got was these Chinese Laundry boots from Nordstrom. I have them deep in the closet so Painter doesn’t destroy them before I even wear them…


    $99 at Nordstrom.

    Well, thanks for listening to me half vent/half talk normal. 50/50…give a little, get a little….haha…

    Hope you are doing splendid. Keep following your dreams and never ever ever give up!


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