Happy Saturday night. I just got back from hot yoga. Chilling as much as possible this weekend as it feels like things are gonna get crazy busy!

Tri city hot yoga, coquitlam

Picked up a few items for dinner at Superstore after and couldn’t help but notice all the PUMPKINS waiting to get adopted.

Sorry pumpkins, not today.. soon though!

Ok, so today I asked the girls from one of my favourite blogs, Fabulous on a Budget, where I should pick up some wedding stuff when I’m down in LA (oh…did I not tell you…ok, ya..me and California..2 weeks in November!)

They told me I need to check out Moskatels! Apparently it’s like Michaels on steroids!

Moskatels, LA

Woo hoo. Thanks for the tip girls.

If you haven’t been to Fabulous On A Budget, check it out!

Fabulous on a budget

These girls rock!

HEART! so cute.

Alrighty! I’m gonna chill and watch a movie. We are watching The Help.

YAY, relaxing! Talk tomorroe

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  1. Chrissy on 27 Oct 2011

    I have to check out that other site, thanks for the info!

    Moskatels looks like an awesome place. If I’m ever in the area will have to go there. Love all the pics!

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