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What’s the good word today?

I’m doing good, voicing projects, sending emails and getting a few wedding details together.

Last night I went to see Brian Wilson (from The Beach Boys) play at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver. A friend of mine got tickets from her friend who is the sound guy on the tour.

I lOVED listening to the classics like¬†California Girls, Good Vibrations, I Get Around…. He is such an incredible song writer.

brian wilson vancouver

You can see my friend Clint on stage left, doing sound. His job is to make sure the monitor levels are good for the performers. It’s not an easy job because every musician needs to hear something different in each ear and then the monitors on stage are all different. So for example, Brian Wilson would have his voice in his left ear, his piano in his right ear and a house mix of all the musicians on his floor monitor….and every song is a different mix! Good job Clint!

I think we were the youngest ones there. I know a lot of the audience was in nostalgic heaven while reminiscing the 60′s.

brian wilson, vancouver

Clint gave us backstage passes…

I bet 40 some years ago, some girls would have given their right arm for this pass!

My date and I:)

We met up with Clint for a drink after (he’s from Saskatoon too!)

Before the rock and roll fun started, I skytrained downtown. It was the first time I had been downtown since (you know when…the riot)

It was neat to see the goodness and love poured into the streets.


I heart Van too.

This is a funny sign… Buskers must perform at a medium pitch?? WEIRD!! haha

Busking in vancouver

While I was out, I got a text from Mike that read:¬†”I’m gonna make the frozen banana “ice cream”

I came home and the kitchen was destroyed! And look what he did to our processor!!

How do you break a processor by blending banana’s??

Oh Michael, I love you. Apparently when he pressed “on” he didn’t hold the processor down and it exploded everywhere.

The frozen banana’s are delicious though. Try it and……

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world wide web.

Enjoy the rest of your day, ok??!!!

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