Last night we went to one of my old stomping grounds, just off Hollywood blvd. It’s a super cool dive bar called Boardners.

Right beside is an obscure entrance that leads into another world. This place is called Bar Sinister. It is something else.

Everyone said to take pictures, and although I got a few…they had these NO Camera signs EVERYWHERE. And not just because celebs like Dave Navarro are walking around (he was there with a lady friend) But because some CRAZINESS goes on behind these doors.

Especially in the upstairs. Mike and I had NO idea that the upstairs was gonna be what it was…. so we went back down to the outdoor courtyard where some awesome bands were playing.. (not sure why this is underlining everything I type…annoying!!)

Including our good friends in a Vancouver band called Stayte. GO Stayte! They put on a rocking show. Lead singer Josh is known for his outlandish yet compelling stage presence. The rest of the band played flawlessly. This was their first show in almost 6 years.

Met a gal named Christie. We took this picture at 12:12 on 02/2012

I loved this bumper sticker I saw on the way home.

Painter was like, “what’s up guys, where were you?”

Back to our lil beach community:) Makes me smile.



Busy day tomorrow. More car commercials…woo hoo! Need my voice to get all rested up.

Have an awesome Monday. Here’s to an awesome week!!!


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