Today…. I meant to sleep in but the darn dog woke me up by 7am…grrr.. I mean.. Hi Puppy!

I was going to stay home and clean and get organized while Mike had a bunch of errands to run downtown, but I decided to tag along and get out of the house…

He had a meeting on West 6th… OHH, right by Whole Foods…don’t mind if I do.

I hooked myself up with the salad bar and some macaroons fresh from Organic Lives!

I enjoyed lunch in the park…

The last of my awesome salad.

Then it was Macaroon time. I’m so proud of Organic Lives for growing as a company so fast and getting their product into Whole Foods!

organic lives macaroons, quebec and 3rd

Then we headed over to North Van, but spotted our friend Norm shooting a commercial along Georgia St. along the way. Hi NORM!!!

I had to go to Grouse Mountain to pick up my winnings from the Squamish Music Festival blogging contest through Whistler Water..

I feel soo blessed. I won a night at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, plus dinner at Altitudes, plus more. I am so excited. Thanks to ANYONE that voted for me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

While I was there I decided to check out the Wolf Habitat, but the wolves were HIDING! A tourist asked me, “why are you taking pictures of an empty cage?”……….

I kindly replied, ” I write a blog and I need something to write about!” haha Wolves or no wolves, snap snap!

Then later on, I took out a new notebook I got at my wedding shower and started to make a new goals list! Starting with 3 months of yoga 3x a week at Kula Yoga here in Port Moody. Y’all know I LOVE making goals, have you written out your goals lately?

One of my posts a couple days ago I wrote about my wedding shower and how I was asked about what my favourite flower was and how I didn’t know!!!

Some of you darling readers were not as indecisive as me when it came down to what it your favourite flower:

Kirstie from Musings of a Happy Life loves Gerberas!

Ine from The Taeleman’s Blog loves Plumerias!

Sylvia from Serenity Skin Care LOVES tons of flowers, but in the fall she’s a fan of Mums in Burgundy.

And last but not least the lovely Brenda from Four Daisies likes……Daisies!!

Well, I must say, you ladies have inspired me to pay more attention to flowers. The adorable Melissa from Mouth Watering Morsels is with me in not having a favourite flower….YET….

Thanks for reading Team! Love you all! Talk tomorrow k? OMG ok?! Like’ omg, sounds fab, omg. YES, omg.

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  1. Does that mean I fit in for once? hahaha if you ever find out what’s your fave flower let me know. (:

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