• Then Well hello there!

    Jumping in….weeeeeeeee…..

    It’s that time of year when the farmers market is definitely a weekly to-do on my list. Here I have some fresh peas, 1st pick of the season.

    We’re back in Port Moody where the air is crisp, the trees are a plenty and the beauty is bountiful. This is the view from my balcony…. LOVE..


    Do a 180 degree turn and……ACK! This is my other view… Looks like a self assembled homemade scarecrow….but really it’s just Mike‘s hockey gear airing out…. how pleasant.

    Port Moody turned 100 and they had a super fun parade to celebrate. This was Beck’s first parade. He had lots of fun! PS- I haven’t blog in a while and I tried to make a cool collage, but you can barely see the pics…bare with me….
    Beck was in awww.. The dancing girls, the big stuffed bears and those drum-scottish-black-furryhead marching guys….

    So that was Saturday….mixed with me going for a run, doing a bunch of errands, etc….

    Then on Sunday, Beck and I trekked in to dt to meet up with my friend Lee, and watch the DragonBoat Festival in Olympic Village. I felt like such a mom…”My son and I, ventured into downtown from the ‘Burbs”….Yes, I live in the burbs… 

    Its hard to manage a baby, a conversation and take pictures, so this is one of the few I got…


    Then Lee showed us around Olympic Village, MAN is it cool. This is a piece of industrial gear that they turned into art…IMG_3927

    Lee makes the art more valuable. Lee

    We had a great time catching up and Beck was sooooo good. I hit up Whole Foods on the way home.

    This week consists of me starting to workout with Personal Trainer Leigh Brandt. I have more details to come.. Talk soon!!!

  • Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

    I went to yoga today. Hot Yoga. Not Bikrams, just hot yoga… same deal though… Doing boat pose as a nursing mom, OUCH! I bought a 30 day pass at a local studio here. I’m going to go as much a possible.  Yoga clears the mind and body. Yoga is so therapeutic mentally and physically. I felt really good today. After 9 months of pregnancy and then the last 2 months healing (I had an emergency C-Section..long story, will get into one day!) I feel like I am finally ready to get myself back (hence firing up the blog again, I need the accountability, the motivation to check in here!)



    I haven’t been eating the most nutritious either, (boo!) time to amp it up in the healthy eating department. Spring is in the air and what better time is there than now to shed a few layers!

    For my baby and my sake, I still eat lots of greens and have a shake everyday with kale, berries, lemon, ginger, carrot juice, orange juice and banana!

    When I was pregnant my feet got SO swollen, I’m talking 2 sizes bigger, so I had to buy/borrow bigger shoes. Today I got some new shoes (on sale for $40…bam) and I’m happy to say I am back in size 7-8

    Along with raising a baby, Mike and I have been keeping really busy with our business. We know that eventually we will need a sitter for at least a couple hours a day, right now we are making it work with baby just hanging out with us in studio everyday.


    Studio Posse in da house!

    Mike‘s been doing video shoots on location as well, these week he worked 2 days shooting for a Sarcan video!

    Our Stormtech gear has been keeping us warm in this crazy cold town…I think we are out of the super deep freeze weather though. You bet your bottom dollar I have been dreaming of the California sun! This time last year, we were in Redondo Beach…

    Mike and I fell in love with Redondo Beach, I can’t wait to take Beck there one day.

    That’s the cool thing when you have a kid- You just want to show them everything… (Oh Mickey and Minnie!!! lol)

    Well, maybe today I’ll get a chance to unload the dishwasher….Gotta go!


  • Wow, lots has been happening… Mike and I are back in Saskatoon and I had my baby…


    Here I am at about 5 months pregs…

    Here I am at about 7..

    And here is the bundle of joy I created! His name is Beckwith Michael David Schurko and was 7lbs 7oz at birth, 21 1/4 inches, born Nov.30 2013 at 7:37pm….

    Here is is saying hi to you in blog land!

    Here is the poor little monkey at the doctors for an eye infection… (lil starfish in his winter garb)

    Gas maybe? or just…”Mom, more pictures? Seriously!”


    So I am now a mom. I guess I needed time away from blogging for a while. I want back in it though..We’ll see how it goes! I’ve tried to fire it up a couple times and I got too busy/sidetracked/etc…It feels different this time though….

    I want to fill you in on my labour, having the baby and all that craziness.. Is this going to be a “mommy blog”? How can it not be? That’s what I am now. When you have a kid, it changes your life. I am a mom. Ya, I’m still me, but different…. in a good way… let’s see how it unfolds!

    *MOM moment as I was typing this*…I just ran downstairs to get water and realized I only had 1 slipper on, but baby was in his swing, so I had to be quick.. there is a big pile of dishes in the sink and the light is burnt out in the office but I can’t deal with it now. So I am typing this in the dark as Beck swings away, sucking a soother that keeps falling out that I have to stick back in every 2 minutes… haha

    I saw this in Shape Magazine the other day… I think this is my new title!


    Yup, and a new chapter unfolds. My goal is to document it here…. so join me please!



  • Hello!

    Phewf! What a whirlwind of events in the last bit.  Mike and I are in Saskatchewan now, with all our belongings. Some might call it “moving” but I don’t think it’s sunk in yet…

    Before we left Vancouver, we had a voucher for a free night to use at Waterfront Fairmont Hotel in downtown Van. The room was free, but having the dog there was $50 and parking overnight was $55, lol

    Painter loved it though….

    Waterfront Farimont hotel

    Here was our view. The Vancouver Convention center, along with Canada Place and a cruise ship waiting to take of.

    waterfront fairmont hotel

    Mmmm, Hotel snacks.

    Mini bar at fairmont hotel

    The front desk lady gave Painter some snacks too. He got a couple bags of KaliWags, he’s never had them before- and he was loving them!

    Kali Wags dog treats

    Here’s a view from the bathroom- just make sure you close the blinds before you use the facilities!

    Waterfront Fairmont Hotel

    Mike and I walked around town, cruised past my old apartment building. I had a studio apartment here. This building is a heritage building, one of the oldest in Van- It was cute and kitschy, with a claw foot tub and a murphy bed that you pulled out of the wall. Only down side…MICE! EW!

    Nelson Street. Heritage Building

    We went to Stepho’s for lunch- our FAVOURITE greek restaurant in the world! Always a line, and never let down with the amazing experience.

    Stephos Greek Restaurant, Davie Street

    The Olympic cauldrin was glowing. We went to watch the fireworks too, but I didn’t take pics:)

    Cauldrin, Vancouver

    So this is the place we used to call home….. It is now just a memory :(

    We traveled across Canada with our truck and a Uhaul. From the mountains to the prairies.

    I know that having the love and support of our families will make this transition an easy ones. Already, my mom is spoiling my unborn little boy. We walked into my moms spare room and she had a whole wardrobe for the little guy!

    We are staying with Mike‘s dad in Regina. We are blessed to be staying here right now, until we move into our new place which we have rented for 1 year.

    Painter is in absolute heaven here. Just lounging all day. Loving life!!!

    I went lane swimming yesterday, I also went to a breast feeding meeting (the Le Leche Leaugue). I need to learn how the heck to do this. I found the meeting very helpful!

    Things are going great- We have our studio fully set up and business is back up and running. Having family around is so nice. Mmmmmm, chocolate Zucchini cake…. fresh garden veggies….tacos…lots of good stuff to feed my endless pit of a pregnant belly (well- not really endless…I actually experience a lot of heart burn if I eat to much…oh and baby is using my bladder as a trampoline lately!

    Thanks for stopping by!!!! Love and Light!!!!

  • Hey!!

    Aw, man.. I wrote a whole post and it got erased…. so here is a quickened version of what I wrote. Grrr.. wordpress.. Actually I think it was this laptop…need a NEW one!

    I got a mail slip from the post office that I had a package waiting for me…. Ohhhh exciitng!!!

    However, when I opened the box.. I thought, am I reading this right? Formula? Is this a joke? Or a box my box filled with something else?

    similac formula

    Nope! I was randomly shipped a box of formula from Similac. I have NO idea how they got my address, or how they know i’m pregnant. They have a super sneaky marketing department! I’m going to give breast feeding a good shot, but if I need formula… I guess I already have some? I’ll definitely research the best brand cause as of now, I have no idea is Similac is even good. I know NOTHING about baby stuff!!

    similac formula in the mail

    Mike and I went to Red Robin for the last time for a while. I had my trusty “Mesa-chicken salad sub a veggie patty for the chicken.” Always so good!

    Red Robin Coquitlam

    Then I had another Ultrasound. This time at the Jim Pattison Outpatient Center in Surrey. Holy state of the art posh place! They wanted to rule out a few more things, and everything is looking amazing. During the ultrasound I had a very experience fetal monitoring expert working on me, along with a nice big flat screen TV right in front of me, so I could watch every move the baby made during the ultrasound. Little bugger was smiling lots and we got a good look at him in 4D- he looked a lot like MIKE! Big ukrainian cheeks! lol. Such strong legs too. He is such a handsome, healthy, strapping young lad- I’m in love already!
    Jim Pattison Outpatient clinic
    After my Ultrasound, I had to switch gears. I had an audition downtown at GO Studios for a Hellmann’s Mayo commercial. 

    It was my first time at this studio, it was super nice. I LOVE big auditions like this. I know I am getting closer to landing one of these big ones…

    I was in the “Hello Kitty” room. They have lots of different rooms with fun names. I purrred my way through the audition. They gave me 3 takes and I felt really good about them!

    Go Studies, hello Kitty Room

    Today I went for coffee and a walk with my girlfriend, worked some scripts, went for a walk with Mike and dog, continued packing and cleaning. Now I am just relaxing. This prego gal needs some r and r!!!!!


    Talk soon!! MEOW!!!!

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